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It has been a rough week.  What with the baby not sleeping well at the beginning of it (she’s doing much better now, thank goodness), and then two evening events, and a night on my own when the boy was traveling?  PLUS it seems like all the Holiday parties are this week, including one at daycare, which means another potluck for babies which…whatever.  It’s fine.  It’s Friday, and today I get to write up about something I loved.

Or rather, someONE I love.  And while I love the boy dearly, he’s not as interesting on social media.  That person is Ingrid Michaelson, singer-songwriter who just came out with a Christmas album that I can’t stop listening to.  Because it is legitimately awesome – Ingrid loves the old-fashioned Christmas music the same way that I do, and the entire album just hearkens back to the sounds of Bing Crosby.  It’s the kind of Christmas album that I know will be timeless, and will go on heavy rotation each December in our house.

Plus, we don’t miss Ingrid when she comes to town.  So when she announced the tour for this album, we knew we would go, and that we would take the girls again.  And while yes, taking two pre-teens to a show that goes until 10:30 or so on a weeknight is very slightly irresponsible, it’s also not a regular thing, and it was a fun and festive way to spend some quality time together.

We pause here for a moment to talk about seat etiquette at a general admission show.  If you are by yourself and need to leave your seat to go to the bathroom or something, you need to mark your seat as taken, you need to either leave a coat, or something significant, or else get someone who is sitting near your seat to agree to help you save it.  As in, get them to verbally state that they’ll watch your seat and not let others take it.  In the crowded Lincoln Theatre, we managed to find four seats together in the very last row with a water bottle perched precariously on a seat.  When we asked nearby concert-goers if the seats were taken, they said no, so I placed the water bottle behind the row, and we all sat down.  20 minutes later, a girl comes over, and hisses to me and the boy “Thanks for taking my seat,” and while yes – I get that it sucks to have your seat taken, she didn’t really do her due diligence.  I feel zero amount of bad.  There are things she could have done to establish that yes – that seat was taken.  And I don’t even know if she was trying to save all four of the seats with one water bottle, because that would have been beyond the pale.  Were we in the wrong here?  I’m curious on other people’s thoughts, though I won’t feel that bad – she had a full 30 minutes before the show started to find another seat.

I swear, this is Jenna. Or at least what she looks like using an iPhone from the very last row.

So the show opened with this adorable singer called Jenna Nicholls who had a sort of throaty-old-fashioned voice that vaguely reminded me of early Jewel before she tried to be a pop star, but only if Jewel was super into her ukelele and adorably hilarious, and had a very 20s/30s aesthetic about her.  In which case, they are not really anything alike, except for that sort of throaty quality.  But her music was deliciously delightful.  And I loved how she would chat with all of us between songs and talk about the background of each (DEEP background), and then the best part was potentially when we all sang Eidelweiss together, and it was terrific.  Please enjoy this song of hers, and imagine that any of the horn parts are done by one little lady on stage who does it in the cutest way possible.

Back to Ingrid.  The show was much more low-tech than last time.  In fact, it was officially billed as “The Ingrid Michaelson Trio: Songs for the Season” tour, which is very long, but also the way to let everyone know that it was mostly focused on Ingrid and her two backup singers/musicians who were pretty great too.  We got some non-professional-professional choreography (you know those great arm-lifting moments are what make the parents audience go crazy with applause!), some tight harmonies, and some hilarious banter onstage while they tried to set up the next song.

Yes, it was mostly Christmas music, but hell – it’s mid-December and she’s touring for her Christmas album.  There were a few non-holiday songs, and those were appreciated (The Way I Am will always make me cry for personal Boy-related reasons).  Most fascinating was Ingrid discussing a report she got from her manager about which songs are her big ones – apparently there are like, 4 or 5 that people NEED to hear when she tours, or they don’t feel like they’re at an Ingrid show.  Most surprising for me to be at the top of that list (like, literally people ask for it to be played so they can get engaged to it, or before or after it) is You and I, which is a good and enjoyable song, but not necessarily one I associate with committing to spend the rest of your lives together, or being the most romantic?  Eh, whatever.

I could write more and more about how much I love Ingrid, and how delightful the show was, and how worth it was to stay up late, or I could leave you with some video clips I took, and then encourage you to either stream or purchase her Christmas album.  And since Ingrid deserves every good thing in life (seriously – follow her on Instagram, watch her stories, and I think you’ll agree), I’ll do the latter.

Details: Ingrid Michaelson Trio, three more stops (Pennsylvannia, Boston, NYC) before the end of the holiday tour on 12/17.  Likely touring again next year with a Stranger Things-themed album.

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