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I feel like I have been running myself ragged the last few days.  Obviously, I didn’t write a post for Friday.  I had meant to do that on Thursday, but then our sweet Baby girl woke up screaming and twitching with what I think was a febrile seizure, and a fever that was confirmed later.  She couldn’t go to daycare, and I wouldn’t have time to write in front of a computer.  Her fever was mostly controlled with Tylenol, except for the fact that I forgot to give her a dose before a long road trip we did for a big meeting I had out of town, and then there was an epic blowout, and vomiting when I gave her the medicine, and it was AWFUL.  Thank goodness for my mom – I know I would have been a complete mess if I had to do it on my own (the Boy was out of town on previously scheduled trip, and we had decided that her fever wasn’t enough to cancel that over).  Things got so bad while we were out of town that I ended up taking Baby B to the VCU Pediatric Emergency Room (we were in Richmond, and they were closest), and thank goodness, because it ended up being really reassuring to know that a) there wasn’t anything really wrong with her, b) that we were doing almost everything we could for her (and could easily add in another medicine to make things better and c) taking her to the ER at the point we did was the smart decision according to all the medical professionals we talked to.

But because of that, and because of daylight savings time ending, because of everything, I am a wreck.  I have averaged under 6 hours per night the last four nights, and that’s because I had one very good evening in the middle of all this, and the rest have been garbage.  And I’m on my period.  And the house is a mess.  And I looked at my after-work schedule, and it is go-go-go from when I leave work until I don’t know how late.

The point is, I have not been able to take a moment to relax – really and TRULY relax for a while.  So in addition to missing last Friday’s post, I may end up skipping this Wednesday’s post as well, just to give myself a chance to try and get my shit together.  I need to take some deep breaths and make sure I have the ability to put my life in order before I try to do anything beyond the necessary.  So maybe if you are one of my readers and are going, “Ugh, fine”, you too can take a look at those jellyfish up there, take a deep breath and just contemplate the wonder of the universe for a couple days before getting yourself in order, and coming back when things will be fresh.  Sound like a plan?  We’re all in this together, and we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves.  See you on the other side of this mini break!

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  1. Ashley says: Reply

    Hugs lady! Go vote tomorrow, then shut off the news/internet and take care of you and baby!

    1. maggie says: Reply

      Thanks – fortunately she’s well enough where she’s back in daycare, so more like, vote, forget to look at news until I pass the CNN tv at work, and then snuggle my bitty one when I pick her up tomorrow.

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