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I am going to preface everything in this post by saying that I am a very lucky girl, and that it was a privilege to be able to go to this restaurant.  It’s not necessarily the kind of thing that everyone can do in their lives, and even for us it was a special occasion and a special treat.  But I still want to share the experience because it was that cool.  /preface

As you know part of the time I was on maternity leave I spent watching Chef’s Table on Netflix.  Watching that show made me want to experience something cool and special like the restaurants and chefs I saw profiled in each episode.  And knowing that I had a significant birthday coming up (35 feels like more meaningful than other numbers), and how the Boy and I had been to a really special restaurant last year for his birthday, I wanted to do something similar.  And the most special and most interesting restaurant in DC that I know of and have wanted to visit for some time is minibar.

Minibar is a Jose Andrés restaurant, and I’m a big fan of his – in addition to being an amazing chef, he’s a humanitarian, and all around good guy.  I’ve even written about another of his restaurants here in the past, and had even noted in that post that I hadn’t been to minibar.  So it feels like the culmination of a local restaurateur fandom to finally be able to have a meal at minibar.

I could probably write ad nauseum about what it was like to be there, but really, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.  The Boy and I did minibar’s 20+ course tasting menu (which is the only choice), and did “the experience” wine pairing to go with it.  It was not cheap, and yet it was worth every penny.  It’s the kind of memory that will last us a lifetime, and I now get to say (in a very braggy sort of way) that I’ve been to two 2-star Michelin guide restaurants.

I will say that I was more open to trying new foods for this meal, and those that I have distinctly said I don’t like in the past.  Part of this is because you don’t want to be “that girl” who is picky and won’t try something, and also because the menu items are the best tested versions of what the chefs there have created.  Asking for an alternative because I don’t like one ingredient feels petulant.

So without further commentary, let me show you 90% of our dinner and just encourage you that if you have the means, let this restaurant be something you put on your list of “things to do and places to go”.

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Details: minibar, 855 E St. NW, Washington DC 20004.  Pre-paid reservations book 2 months out a time.

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