Hey guys – I’m amazed at myself.  I set myself a goal of doing posts on Tuesdays and Fridays, and managed to fail on my second week of the new goal.  So that’s terrible.  Or, you know, a reality check in this second week of attempting to resume blogging with a baby.

So – I didn’t get my post up.  What was I doing instead?  Yesterday I was taking care of the baby all day, but I also managed to write a lot of thank you cards.  Guys, this is probably more cards than I had to write after the wedding, and I didn’t have any other major obligations during that time, so it’s slow going.  I’ve written maybe half, but even now we continue to get baby gifts, most recently (this afternoon!) from our neighbors who gave baby B the cutest little Red Riding Hood spit bandanna and a pacifier clip.  I need to buy more thank you cards to make sure that I can continue to write to everyone!!!  Or else double check my stash of stationery to make sure I will be able to respond to everybody properly.  I also finally put up the blackout cellular blinds in our guest room/nursery.  Since the Boy and I have been using that room as a sort of sleeping location during our traded shifts at night, I’ve noticed how not great the blinds are.  I’d had replacing them on my pre-birth to-do list, but it just never happened.  I’d bought the blinds AGES ago – probably last summer.  So finally putting them up during a break in baby-duties yesterday morning was very satisfying.  They make the room very dark, with only a little light around the edges.  Once I get some proper blackout-curtains (or even just curtains at all), it’ll make the room terrifically dark for sleeping guests or babies.

Today in nearly exactly the time I would have been posting normally (10:30 am, if you haven’t noticed a pattern), I had the double distraction of electricians at the house, and having to make a trip to the hospital where I gave birth in order to return the hospital-grade pump that I’d rented.  Looking at Amazon, that puppy costs $2000, which is slightly insane.  Thank goodness for insurance-provided pumps, even if they didn’t have all the bells and whistles that the sets come with when you purchase them retail.

After returning the pump there were still workers in my house for a bit, and then the baby needed feeding once they’d left, and then I had to go pick up groceries.  Right before I went on maternity leave, I decided to give the Harris Teeter grocery pick-up service a try.  It’s called Express Lane, and what you do is put together your list either on their website or through their app.  All the things you’ve bought will be highlighted especially if you’ve shopped with a membership card.  Pick out your items, choose a pick-up time, and then just drive up, hit a button, tell them your name and they will load everything into your car.  It’s amazing.  It does come with a fee of $4.95 for each time you do it, but having made very good use of it the last few months, I ponied up for a year-long subscription for about $100.  So if I buy groceries at least once every 2 weeks or so, I’ve earned that subscription back.  And not wandering the aisles and making impulse purchases saves money.  You also have more time to look at your kitchen and pantry and figure out exactly what you need.  No more getting home and figure out that you missed picking up one item you need for a recipe.

And that’s it.  Baby is crying, and I still need to make lunch for myself.  Maybe I’ll get back on schedule later this week?  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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