Personal – 5 Places I’ve Visited, Want to Go Again, or Want to Revisit

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August // 5 places you’ve visited, would love to go again, or new places you’d like to experience.

I think these summer reverb prompts are written with me in mind, because food and travel are two of my favorite things.  Let’s see if I can narrow down my list to only 5!

  1. Japan – My sister and her family moved halfway across the country earlier this year with the military, and now my dream of visiting Japan is within reach.  I know someone who lives there!  Someone who would potentially want to explore parts of the country with me and my family.  Because I’m not the only one who wants to go – sushi-obsessed E has decided that Japan is at the top of her travel list.  It may still be a couple years off due to logistics, but it’s going to happen.
  2. San Francisco/Napa Valley – somehow, I’ve never been to San Francisco.  Not really – I stopped through SFO on a flight to Australia long ago, but that doesn’t count.  I want to get out and see what is supposed to be a fascinating city with terrific food and culture!  And after I’ve exhausted my time in the urban environment, I want to go north and drink lots and lots of wine.  It will happen – this is another matter of finding the time.
  3. Richmond, VA – I’ve been to Richmond a couple times, but my brother and Nicole have lived there for more than a year now, and I have yet to visit.  I want to see what locals do, and their favorite places to eat.  I want to be lazy and enjoy hanging out with them, taking walks around the city.  This is the next trip planned, and I’m excited to go back and really see Richmond as a tourist with local insights available to me.
  4. Adirondacks – Another place I’ve been a few times and adored.  It’s so peaceful up there in the summertime despite the other tourists.  We had an amazing time on our trip last summer, and I think any opportunity to be in such deep beauty with immense relaxation would be an opportunity worth taking.
  5. Germany – The Boy speaks German, and while my family went to a number of cities when I was a child, the only place in Germany I’ve been as an adult has been Munich, which was terrific, but I was only there for three days.  This is why I need my guy with me – he can speak the language.  We can explore more than just the central touristy destinations, and not feel like we are losing our way due to a language barrier.  Plus, I’ve heard it’s an easy enough place to take kids (most Western European countries have shops that carry all the things one might want or need in a special situation), and is both efficient and relaxed.  Plus, I was last there in winter – maybe a summer trip is in order?

PS – It’s probably too early to say the Galapagos again since I was only just there, but know that if I could go back frequently, I would.  It’s that awesome.

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  1. Beverly says: Reply

    FYI – you were in San Francisco when you were 18 months old!! I have pictures to prove it. I suppose you will reply the same way Ben does about being in Paris when he was that old! “I don’t remember it, so I wasn’t there”. And, you spent some time in Napa during that same period of your life!!

    1. maggie says: Reply

      It’s not “I don’t remember it, so I wasn’t there” so much as “I don’t remember it, so it doesn’t count.” I went back to Naples too, because I just barely remembered it from being a child. It has to be at an age that counts!

  2. Ben Keller says: Reply

    Haha! I’m not the only one who says not remembering doesn’t count!

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