We’ll be right back!

Photo from Pexels

Hey friends – I was hoping to have a big useful post about something I did recently here, but I was hoping to talk to someone else to fill out that post to make it not just my opinions.  But unfortunately, my subject is a busy lady and hard to pin down.  And because of my schedule, I can’t just put it off until next week so…

That’s right.  I’m taking a quick one week break, after which I should be back on schedule, and coming at you with a large and potentially useful post.  But what about these commercial bumpers?  Does anyone else remember them?  We were living overseas at the time that these were shown with the Saturday morning cartoons, but I had awesome grandparents who would tape an entire block of television for us so we knew a little bit of what American kids were watching, and that included the commercial bumpers AND the commercials.  The head-switching bumper was one I always remember being weirded out by.

Anyways – see you in a bit!

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