Hey friends.  Because really, most of you reading this know me in real life.  I think.  I should go check the stats for that survey I did back in December to be sure.

Anyways – the point is that you know now is a busy time.  Like…busy.  And as much as I would like to pretend that I’ve got posts pre-written and scheduled for the next week or so over the crazy-busy part, I don’t.  So I’m just going to own it and take a short break.  I’ll be back next Wednesday (April 12), and hopefully you don’t miss me too much.  

In the meantime, today is Opening Day for the Nationals.  I’m obviously at the game with my dad.  We didn’t manage to get reservations at Bluejacket (see: I’ve been busy and got distracted), but we got super sweet club seats and will be eating fancy people food.  You know you’re jealous.

I’ll do my best not to get too comfortable with not blogging for the next week.  Can’t let it become a habit.

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