Personal – December #Reverb16 Week 5

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

We’ve reached the point of the year with Project Reverb where it goes to a daily prompt.  As I already have so much to talk about, I’m going to limit myself to one post per week where I address as many of that week’s prompts as seem appropriate. If you’re interested in seeing my responses to the weekend Instagram challenges, head on over to my account.

Abbreviated this week as I have other plans for tomorrow’s end-of-year wrap-up.

December 26 // Boxing Day: What does this holiday even mean?  I think Harry Potter does it.  But how do we unwind after the holiday?

Haha.  This is where being an Anglophile with a British boyfriend is helpful.  Boxing Day was originally meant as the day when the family servants were allowed a day off to be with their families, and were also (apparently) given a box of food and small gifts to go with them.  In recent years, it’s turned into a day about sport and about after-Christmas shopping.  I’ll be honest and say that I did head out to some stores on Boxing Day, but that was part of a yearly mission that my sister and I go on for a specific item, and this year we weren’t able to find it.  Drat.  So I only bought some discount wrapping paper.  Other than that, for me, Boxing Day is about resting and relaxing with the family.  Unwinding after all the stress of the holidays, and perhaps finally getting to enjoy those new gifts you received.  Speaking of which…

December 27 // Gifts: Sometimes we get gifts that we don’t want or need.  Are you honest with the person who gave it to you?  Or do your gift givers follow a tried-and-true wish list?  If you’re returning a gift this season, what is it and why?

No gift returns for me this year, and while I didn’t get everything I wanted for Christmas, everything I got was something I wanted.  I try to be very specific (following the rule of “ask for what you want”), and am diligent about making sure that the central repository of my wants (woot Amazon Wish List) is updated regularly, and with a variety of things, not just board games and blu-rays.  People who aren’t sure tend to buy off the list.  People who need help will use the list, and I will get a thing I want.  It works out very well that way.

December 28 // Resolutions: We don’t all make new year’s resolutions.  If you are making them, what is your biggest priority?  If you aren’t, tell us why – what is your experience or opinion on resolutions?

December 29 // Habits: Tell us one habit you would really like to undo in the new year – what is your strategy?  Will you replace it with a good habit instead?

I’m not really making resolutions this year.  I tend not to, because I’ve never been particularly good at following up on them.  But this year I have a big goal that is also a bad-habit breaker.  And that is to follow through and finish projects.  I have entirely too many half-finished projects lying around the house.  They may be knitting (what’s that?  A sweater or four that I’ve been working on for years???), decorating (I’ve taped approximately 10% of the trim in my dining room, and someday I’ll actually paint), or general home improvement (I bought the new kitchen tap for a reason – let’s get around to installing it!).  Let alone the organizing I want to do (there’s totally DIY drawer organizer supplies just sitting in my dressing room), and the deep cleaning that has been neglected in favor of “good enough”.  I don’t want good enough.  I want to follow through and get things done 100%.

Details: This post is part of Project Reverb 2016, which sends a daily writing challenge for bloggers during the month of December.  If you’re interested in participating, sign up here or visit their facebook group.

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