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I love voting.  It gives me such a sense of civic pride.  As the Boy and I walked to our polling place this morning, we commented on how the act of voting is the gravest responsibility that can be bestowed on a person.  We are making a choice for our country as a people – we better not mess it up.

I was too young for the 2000 election by about 8 months.  But I have voted in every presidential election since then, and it’s always a thrill.  Seeing Virginia (where I have voted in 3 of my 4 presidential elections) switch from a solid red to a swing state is exciting.  I know that my vote counts and will make a difference, no matter which way I vote.  And even when I voted in solid-blue Maryland, it was exciting to either add my voice to the crowd saying “YES – THIS ONE”, or else add a dissenting voice so that there was a vocal minority saying, “THERE IS ANOTHER WAY”.

If you’re not registered already, then you’ve missed out [CORRECTION: There are 14 states with same-day voter registration].  If you don’t have an appropriate photo ID in Virginia, you can cast a provisional ballot.  If you need a ride to the polls and you live in Alexandria…I’ll be off work at 5.

It’s an exciting day.  It’ll be an exciting night.  But the thing that I am honestly most excited about is the fact that this time tomorrow, the election will be over.  So – who voted?  Who’s got plans?  Good stories?  We ran into friends in line, and they took our picture, and we took theirs.  So fun to chat in a chilly line!  Anyone doing a fun results watch?  We will be getting Indian food and popping open a bottle of wine that we’ve been saving for an important occasion.  The Boy wants to watch the results on the BBC…we’ll see which network we actually choose.

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