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Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

Guys, I have nothing in me.  I normally have a schedule of when I want to post things and what to post, and what the topic will be, and I’ve pretty much overtaken my content.  Theoretically I could write about a book that I finished reading recently, but I just wrote about a book last Thursday.  I could write about more of the new TV shows that I’m watching and enjoying, but nothing has grabbed me and screamed “PAY ATTENTION” the way that Westworld has – and thankfully that one has lived up to the promise and gets darker and twistier every week.  Other shows I used to love have made me angry and are no longer a priority the way they used to be.  I have a DIY project that I wanted to do that…I failed to do.  There are other TV shows on different services that I want to watch, but things are just so busy now.

I think it’s the fall.  The fall has a tendency to get me busy again – we have things going on all the time because all of the regular activities have restarted.  And it’s now getting into holiday time where there are special activities all the time.  I spent last night handing out candy (probably 6 bags worth) and saw about 60 kids before we took H and her friend out trick or treating (the bigger girls wanted to go farther and see some spooky decorations).  I did a little bit of reading while waiting for knocks on the door, but after the outing we only had time to catch up on one of our shows (ILU John Oliver!), and then it was time for bed.

There’s dumb stuff happening like – there was an electrical outage at work over the weekend.  But someone forgot to unplug the fridge and microwave; the microwave was out of commission and the fridge ended up dying, and with it the Trader Joe’s chicken tikka masala I brought to work and could not eat.  So I survived on a bagel I brought and the emergency macaroni and cheese in my desk…which it turned out needed to be microwaved as well.  So it was crunchy pasta and cheese water for me.

And then the election is getting me down.  Thank goodness for the West Elm instagram, which has been sharing cute puppy and kitty pictures under #TheCuteCampaign.

How do we get through this?  How do you feel less busy…and actually be less busy?  I realize that a big part of it is saying “no” to things, but there isn’t a lot that I could say no to now and take things off my plate.  Perhaps it’s just a push through to February.

Think of me friends.  And maybe someday soon I’ll give you good content again.

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