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I am so tired.  It’s only a partial lack of sleep, but a large portion is that there’s just so much going on, and it’s easy to get into a rut.  And then you drive further into that rut and get stuck and die.  Maybe not.  I’m exaggerating.  Perhaps it’s our election which feels like is dragging on forever.  18 days until we vote (please vote).  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve suddenly got a lot going on at work.  Or that I’ve taken on new personal responsibilities involving the Boy’s daughters (why yes, I have played parent a couple nights recently, and I will definitely be writing about that soon).  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I just found out that the brakes on my car were grinding metal on metal, and that’s definitely my fault for not doing the same kind of car maintenance over the past year, but it’s going to cost me a good chunk of change I hadn’t planned on spending.  It can’t possibly be that I’ve stayed up too late watching a live-streamed broadcast of Dungeons & Dragons.  Nope – definitely not that.

So I nearly decided not to write today.  I’ve sort of not written before.  Left a link to an article and a paragraph of thought.  That would be so easy.  I’m going to do slightly better than that today, because the link that I send you to is not just one article, but many, and I have not just one thought, but multitudes.

That link though – Lenny.


I was sort of reluctant to sign up.  I didn’t want to get involved in some gross GOOP-like exercise in self-promotion and shaming for the choice not to eat all raw-vegan and buy the ridiculous cashmere earmuffs or whatever (disclaimer: I’ve never read GOOP, I’ve only read about it).  But the promise and premise from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner is “Feminism, style, health, politics, friendship, and everything else”.  This I can get behind.  There is rarely a recommendation to buy anything.  No judgment about the way that I eat.

Instead what I get is this: two emails weekly – one long one on Tuesday with a half-dozen articles on a variety of  topics from a lot of different writers.  They cover things like politics, art and fashion, women’s health – things that you’re not necessarily going to see in other women’s magazines.  When there are articles about celebrities, it’s about issues they care about.  You’ve probably seen the one that Jennifer Lawrence wrote about pay equality in Hollywood.  Or the one that Alicia Keys wrote about giving up on makeup.  The more traditional interview format is saved for artists, creators and leaders who cannot necessarily headline, but who are equally interesting.  It’s written and organized in a way that is not necessarily “of the moment”, but is highly topical.  There are occasional short stories, fiction or poetry which are a fun way to break things up.

The second weekly email comes on Friday morning, and is MUCH shorter.  It’s The Lenny Interview with someone fascinating that you’ve never heard of, but who will make you think deeply for the rest of the day, leading to a more thoughtful weekend ahead.

Lenny has been running for just about a year – their first anniversary is Sunday.  I’m proud to say that I’ve been a subscriber all that time.  It hasn’t been perfect – there have been plenty of problematic things said in the newsletter, but overall, I feel it has been worth reading.  I am more aware to the wild differences in our culture that I am not a party to, but can only be aware of and appreciate from afar.  It’s not a long read each Tuesday, but I can guarantee that you will be fascinated by something or learn something new every time you read a new issue.

Ok – who else is subscribed to an email newsletter like this – or to Lenny itself?  Do you have a good one that you like?  Have you subscribed to GOOP?  Am I just way out of line?  Or is this all just too much celebrity self-indulgence for your taste?

Details: Lenny Letter – publishing twice weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays).  Subscribe to receive it in your email.

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  1. Lauren says: Reply

    I subscribed to Lenny before the first edition, and I love it. I can’t always make time to read the long version in a timely manner, but I usually get around to it within the week. I’m always glad when I do.

    1. maggie says: Reply

      Oh, I too have put off reading it until I have more time. My email also has a tendency to put them in the Spam folder, meaning sometimes I don’t even FIND them until a week or two later!

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