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Sick day supplies

Sick day supplies

Blergh.  It’s how I feel, how I probably look, and the general state of me right now.

Since last Friday, I’ve had a cold.  Saturday I thought it was probably allergies, since it was mostly a scratchy  throat and runny nose.  That night (after Tabletop Day), the Boy kept saying that my cough didn’t sound like allergies, and on Sunday everything erupted into full on grossness.  But not matter how much tea I drank, how much soup and nose-blowing and general resting I did, I still felt miserable Sunday night.  Blergh.

I had to go to work on Monday because my coworker was out on leave, and there were things that needed to be done.  Unfortunately, everything went crazy – the beginning of the month usually is because it’s when we send out our overdue notices and everyone calls hoping to renew or figure out what the deal is.  And I had all that on my own, in addition to the major projects that we’ve been dealing with for about three weeks now.  And then one of our databases had an all day technical glitch, which meant that as soon as I had a handle on the “beginning of the month” crap, I couldn’t do any of the continuing projects.  So I asked my boss if I could leave early and because she’s great, she said yes.  I rested more.  Tried not to be “mean” as I asked the girls to clean up their toys before bedtime.  Made a pitiful dinner for myself, and went to bed.

Tuesday was also terrible – I stayed home.  You didn’t know because I’d prepared my favorite recipe for auto-posting.  When I finally woke in a haze of nasal and chest congestion, I sat on our couch and caught up on all the TV that had backed up since we’d moved, and finished work on a photo book from a trip the Boy and I took last year (it’s on Shutterfly, and they did great things with another photo book I made – referral code/free photo book for you here!).  I ate more soup (this time from boxes courtesy of Trader Joe), and made bread that I ate with both.  I drank so much tea.  I snuggled my cat.

And today when I got back to work, nose clear, still with a sinus headache, there were a million things to catch up on.  One of which was not getting my post in on time.  Whoops.  So instead you get this.  I’ll try again tomorrow with a post that I wrote in my head while I was in New York visiting my grandmother.  It’s one that amuses me greatly, and I hope it does so for you too.

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