Recipe – Cinnamon Chia Pudding


Super foods weird me out.  Like, when did we all decide that the foods we have always been eating haven’t been good enough?  Or that we must go find obscure foods that are the “hidden secret” to making us healthy with the right amount of protein, and nutrients that we cannot possibly get anywhere else.  No – it’s generally silly.  I have never tasted an acai berry, and have no plans.  I have a bag of flax seed that I bought for a recipe a long time ago that is just…sitting and probably going bad.  But I love quinoa like a crazy person.  And when I saw chia seeds being touted as a THING I was wary.  It took me a while to connect the dots that the chia seeds we are all freaking out about eating are the same things that we slather on chia pets to grow grassy puppies, or a Were-Werth.


But the thing I kept seeing people make was pudding.  I tried making it a few years back and was sort of meh about the whole thing.  Perhaps it was not knowing what the texture was supposed to be ahead of time that weirded me out.  But I kept the bag of chia seeds, because I figured I would figure out something to do with them.  But a few months back I was in the grocery store buying yogurt and in that same area they had tiny little individual sized portions of chia pudding.  And not only that – CINNAMON chia pudding.  I began to freak out – I LOVE cinnamon.  And it seemed like an easy way to try it out again and see if I could get into it.  So I bought the pudding, and I loved it.  It was subtle a flavor, and it made the texture of the pudding really pop in an interesting way that was now appealing instead of odd.

Looking at the very short ingredient list, I was now inspired.  I could make this at home!  And the thing that costs nearly $3 in stores can be in my fridge for a fraction of the cost.  So I began googling cinnamon chia pudding recipes, and this is the one I came across that I liked the most.  It’s very simple an easy to make.  I don’t have agave nectar (again with the ridiculous super foods!), so I used a neutral tasting honey, and it was quite good.  I also subbed out regular milk for almond milk, and I don’t think it changed the flavor much.  As a warning, the Boy did comment on the smell of the little containers when I loaded them into the dishwasher later, so while the pudding itself isn’t going to go bad for as long as the milk is good, the dish you use may be a little rank if you let it sit for a while after making/eating the pudding.  So…fair warning.


Cinnamon Chia Pudding

Yield: 4 individual servings


cups vanilla almond milk (can also use regular milk, but it doesn’t keep as long)
½ cup chia seeds
tablespoons agave nectar (could also use a neutral-tasting honey)
teaspoon ground cinnamon, (plus more for serving, optional)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
⅛ teaspoon kosher salt


Combine the almond milk, chia seeds, agave nectar, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt in a large bowl. Stir until well combined. Make sure the chia seeds are completely coated in almond milk in order to ensure proper absorption.

Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. Stir again before serving.  (Note: the longer the chia seeds have to absorb the liquid, the more pudding like it will be in consistency)

From: Real Simple, modifications noted in recipe.

PS – I like to store mine in individual servings sizes which are easy to take to work.  These Rubbermaid glass containers are adorable AND the perfect size.

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