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So, remember back at the end of year wrap-up when I was talking about how there might be a change in format?  Well this is the announcement of that.  Here’s what’s going to be different in the coming future:

  1. I’m going to post less.  I know, I know – “Maggie Every Day”.  That’s going to have to change.  Now taking name suggestions here!  The problem is that I feel like there’s a grind I’m getting into where I am just spending too much time looking at my life and what’s happening around me as content, and I think reducing my posting schedule will help add some ease back into my life.  So I’ll be posting Monday-Wednesday-Friday of each week (starting…after this post).  If there’s a Federal holiday that falls on a Monday or Friday, I’ll switch to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule for that week only.  If the Federal holiday falls on a Wednesday…I’ll post Monday and Friday.
  2. Fewer book reviews.  If you look at that same wrap-up post you’ll notice that the area where I’m getting the fewest hits, and yet have the second most number of posts is books.  Since those posts aren’t popular, I’m going to designate the last Friday of each month as my book summary day.  I’ll talk about all the books I’ve read over the past month – what was good, what wasn’t.
  3. I’m abandoning TV reviews for the most part.  If there’s something that I desperately love and need to recommend, I’ll do it, but I had gotten into a sort of habit of watching series and slogging through solely for the blog content (are you seeing a pattern?).  So no more season reviews of shows.  It was just too much.
  4. I really liked interviewing my friend Heather last year when I wrote about Ghostbusters.  I kept thinking when I started the blog that I’d love to talk to women with interesting jobs about their jobs, and that was kind of a starting point.  I may try and do that.  Watch this space.
  5. I listen to a decent number of podcasts, but haven’t kept up with all of them.  There are a few that I love dearly though, so it’s possible that I’ll write about those in the future as they are appropriate and relevant.

Finally – my resolution for this year is to leave fewer projects left undone.  Because for me right now that involves a lot of around the house projects, expect to see some of those.  Call me out if you don’t.  I have painting that needs to be done, a kitchen faucet to replace, a powder room to renovate, and those are just the major things I can list off the top of my head.  I’ve got countless unfinished knitting projects.  Now is the time to cross things off the list.  Let’s see if I can do it.

There may be more changes yet.  Since it’s my blog, and I accomplished my goal last year of “writing every day” to prove to myself I could do it, I am giving myself more slack for the coming year.  I want to turn this into a fascinating read every time you stop by, and it’s taking time to figure out what that means for me and my writing style and voice.

So, what do you think?  Good changes?  Sad ones?  Any suggestions you might have?

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  1. Nicole Holstein says: Reply

    How about “Maggie Some Days”? 😂
    Or “Occasional Maggie” 🙃

    Also I love the idea about talking to women about their jobs. That is a series I would be very interested in following.

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