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  • Theater – Macbeth

    I like to think of myself as a Shakespeare aficionado, but even having had season tickets to the Shakespeare Theatre, and going to Shakespearean performances at other places, it’s kind of amazing the number of shows that I have neither read nor seen performed.  And not just the obscure titles, but I didn’t see Hamlet […]

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  • Restaurant – Aldeerah

    I like to think that I’m an adventurous eater.  But really, it’s not quite true.  There are a few certain vegetables that I don’t like to eat, and those veggies tend to show up again and again on menus.  Even American restaurants I will have problems with if there are too many mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, […]

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  • Theater – Fun Home

    I don’t know about you, but I love my mom.  As in, we actually get along pretty well and we’re kind of friends.  I don’t tell her everything that I tell friends who are closer to my age, but we have a lot of similar interests, and we email on a pretty consistent basis.  One […]