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  • Movie – Molly’s Game

    Back when I was in college, that’s when I remember poker becoming a “thing” – the kind of thing where they broadcast tournaments on television, and it seemed like everyone was learning or re-learning how to play. I was always a very very middling sort of player – I knew enough so that I was […]

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  • Hold, Please

    I was totally going to write about the Shakespeare Theatre’s production of two Harold Pinter plays, and I’ll put that off until Friday, but I had a doctors appointment this morning, and then came in to find that things were busier in the library than expected.  And I hate inconsistency in when I post. So […]

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  • Grief

    I’m in shock.  I don’t know what’s going on.  This is nothing like the world I wanted. No real post today.  I think we all need a time to grieve before we take a look at this and figure out how to make things right, and how to go forward.