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  • Event – Virginia State Fair

    State fairs feel like such uniquely AMERICAN things.  The initial idea of gathering agricultural and livestock displays isn’t unique to the US, but what it has become in the years since it started seems unlike anything that happens elsewhere in the world.  My main experience with state fairs has been with the New York State Fair […]

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  • Travel – Denver

    I’m going to be very upfront with this – people who know Denver will read some of what I’m about to write and say, “But that’s Boulder, not Denver!” and I’m going to say…you have a larger metro area than you think.  Broaden your horizons.  But it’s also just true.  The city of Denver isn’t […]

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  • Travel – Quito and the Galapagos

    Earlier this summer, the Boy and I went on what was a trip of a lifetime for our honeymoon.  We’re both really interested in science, and in more active travel if we can help it, so when we began to discuss destinations that could work, somehow the idea of visiting the Galapagos came up.  This […]