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  • Product – Tieks

    So here we are – after more than a year of blogging, it’s my first proper product review.  Not a service, not a restaurant, not an app.  This is a physical thing that I’ve bought and that deserves to be talked about.  And while it’s a #notsponsored post, damn would it be amazing if I […]

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  • Books – February Roundup

    So since last week was a holiday week, and according to my new posting schedule I did Tuesday/Thursday postings, I missed the “last Friday of the month” for the book post.  So instead I shall go to the next posting day after the last Friday of the month.  And it’s still February friends.  So let’s see […]

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  • Book – The Leftovers

    There’s a lot of speculative fiction out there about the end of the world.  I suppose it’s because we’re reaching a time in history that is numerically significant, and also feels different changes are being made in society as such a rapid fire pace, that it’s hard not to feel like things will go boom […]