• dessert
  • Recipe – Chocolate Walnut Bourbon Pie

    This past weekend was the Kentucky Derby, and there are a lot of traditions associated with it.  Horses, fancy/funny hats, mint juleps, and Derby Pie.  Or perhaps I should say, Derby-Pie®, because it’s a registered trademark of Kern’s Kitchen in Prospect, Kentucky who are the only ones allowed to advertise with that name.  The recipe is […]

  • main course
  • Recipe – Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad

    So remember last year when I tried to make that brussels sprouts dip from Tasty last year?  That was disappointing.  It didn’t stop me from continuing to watch those videos throughout the year, and to follow some of the new offspring channels.  One that I like is Goodful, which has as a tagline, “Inspiration for […]