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  • Personal – Sleepy

    I’ve made some poor choices lately.  Some of them are related to getting super into my new farming game (Stardew Valley – you are SO ADDICTIVE).  But mostly it’s about self control – even with Stardew Valley – but that self-control is related to when I should be going to bed.  For a few years […]

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  • Personal – On Being a Planner

    I am a planner by nature.  Give me an event or something that requires preparation and research, and I am all over it.  Parties, trips, finding an apartment, a house, moving, even how to play a complicated scavenger hunt game.  I will take all the available information, diligently move down my to-do list, and organize it […]

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  • Personal – 12 Things

    January // 12 things you want to read/see/listen to/experience this year. My grandmother’s 100th birthday – she recently broke a bone, so the plans are more subdued than previously anticipated, but it’s still going to be a raucous party.  How often does a loved one reach triple digits? A month of theater.  The Boy and […]