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  • Movie – Zootopia


    Have we established yet that I’m a little behind on watching movies that aren’t related to the Oscars?  Like, occasionally a year behind?  Well, I recently went on vacation, and the best part about a long plane ride – especially one where you’re trying to stay awake – is that you can take advantage of […]

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  • Book – Dietland

    dietland - cupcake grenade

    ***minor spoilers, but how else are you supposed to talk about the book?*** Have you ever been disappointed in a book because it promised to be one thing, and was doing so well at that, only to falter in concluding things?  That was how I felt about Dietland – a book that I raced through […]

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  • Book – My Life on the Road

    Gloria Steinem My Life on the Road

    So, as you may remember, my last book reviewed was How to Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran’s manifesto and instruction manual on being a feminist in our modern world.  It was the April pick for Our Shared Shelf, and I loved it.  Soon after I added that book to my Overdrive list, I added the […]

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  • Book – How to Be a Woman

    How to be a woman title

    Back in September 0f 2014, Emma Watson (yes, Hermione from the Harry Potter movies) spoke before the United Nations and declared herself a feminist.  Maybe this isn’t as big a deal as I think it is, but seeing a young, attractive woman speak in front of the world about what feminism is, and what it’s actual […]