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  • TV/Books – Outlander

    At what age did you start reading “adult” books?  Books that had more than just kissing and fade to black, or were morality tales about what happens when sex happens?  Books that acknowledge and celebrate sex as part of a healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) relationship?  I’m not entirely sure when that was for me, but […]

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  • TV – The Handmaids Tale (Hulu)

    5 years ago if someone asked, you would probably have said that in the future, things could only be better for women.  But we now live in a world where organizations which provide healthcare services to women are being rapidly defunded, health care bills in which pregnancy and rape could count as “pre-existing conditions” which […]

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  • Book – The Leftovers

    There’s a lot of speculative fiction out there about the end of the world.  I suppose it’s because we’re reaching a time in history that is numerically significant, and also feels different changes are being made in society as such a rapid fire pace, that it’s hard not to feel like things will go boom […]