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  • Theater – Noura

    It’s not too often we get to see something new at the Shakespeare Theatre.  Not just plays that are brand-spanking new, but modern ones.  There will be one every few years or so, but the company likes to lean on Shakespeare, shows from a slightly later era that may have been rewritten, or “modern” (meaning […]

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  • Theater – Hamlet

    When you think about the great works of theater of all time, if you haven’t included Hamlet on your list, you’re probably not putting your list together very well.  And it seems that every high schooler in America (and probably in England as well) is made to study the show.  Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t […]

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  • Movie – Get Out

    My original plan for today’s post had been to write about Black Mirror, thinking I hadn’t written about the show before.  And after getting some photos from the current season, a little voice in the back of my head said, “Hey now – maybe you should just double check to see if you’ve written about […]