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  • Theater – The Secret Garden

    Apparently part of the theme for this week is adaptations of things that I loved as a child.  And today we’re going to talk about the musical version of The Secret Garden that is currently playing at the Shakespeare Theater.  I didn’t know that there was a musical version, but it turns out that it was […]

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  • Travel – Montreal

    Late in the summer/early in the fall, the Boy and I started looking around to where we might go for our “long holiday weekend travelling” in the fall.  One place we’d talked about for a while was going up to Canada – so close, and still technically foreign!  And with the Veteran’s Day weekend providing […]

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  • Event – Adele Live

    I don’t know if you know this but when you’re doing online dating, you’re supposed to list your interests, and invariably everyone will put down “music” or “listening to music”.  That’s because if you’re human, listening to music makes you happy.  It’s definitely not the same for everyone.  But if you don’t like music, or […]