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So, it’s been a month since I took some time off to deal with all the things that needed to be dealt with. The baby was sick – TWICE! Work stuff was legitimately crazy until about a week ago, and life just felt like it was going full tilt. But it’s been a little while now (a week or so) that things have calmed down, and it feels really good. And guiltily, part of what has made it feel good is not having to deal with keeping up the blog on the schedule that I used to.

I’ll be honest and say that a big part of it was that I don’t think I ever developed much of an audience beyond a few family and friends. Or if I did, I wasn’t getting any feedback. So it’s been hard to motivate myself to write when it felt like I was just throwing content into the void. It was also a lot of work that I was putting on myself with planning and finding pictures, and getting posts done, and all that good stuff, but without the benefit of positive external feedback, that work felt wasted.

With those thoughts, and combined with the relief that I’ve felt not having to write the past month or so, I think it’s time the blog took a hiatus. I’m not saying it will never come back. And I’m not saying I won’t use my website for something at some point. But right now, the blog in the way that it is (even the reduced schedule version), it’s more pressure and difficulty than I want it to be. Lucky you all get to see this adorable photo of little B’s bubble-tush as a departing treat, and I’ll be around, just…not trying to generate content for a website that hardly anyone reads. If you want to reach out, I’m around on social media, or will still get notifications on the comments, and I’m always on email.

But for now, this is a “see you later”.

<3, maggie

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  1. Beverly says: Reply

    Boohoo! I will miss this because I have enjoyed reading it and always feel like we were having a good conversation about something you are doing. We rarely seem to have these conversations in person because there are too many things going on when we are together. We made need to rectify that. Also— How am I going to get my TV and movie recs?

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