Personal – An Update and Busy Busy Busy

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Ok, so last week, the baby was sick. This week, she’s doing lots better (yay!), but work has gotten crazy. Each year we have a big project that comes up from the beginning of April through mid-June, and it just takes a lot of time. With the baby being sick during this project, and me needing to get stuff done, and then we also had an emergency in the library…it’s just been crazy. To the point that despite the fact that baby B is mostly sleeping until 6am MINIMUM (which is really good), and I’m getting to sleep a little earlier, I’m just exhausted. I have time for work, for caring for my little family, doing the minimal amount of chores, and that’s about it. Weekends have been busy with obligations and plans a lot of the time, and I find myself rescheduling and trying to figure out how to fit in any amount of time for relaxing I can.

All of this is to say that the little break the blog was on will continue. I have all this stuff I want to post. Mostly the last posts about Japan. I have recipes that I tried that were yummy, and plays I’ve seen, movies, just stuff to write about. The problem right now is when to write about it. I don’t have a lot of free time to just sit and write the way that I would if I could. Things will slow down at work in about a month and I’ll have some breathing room. But the question is – should I? Or should I push myself a little harder and get the projects that I’ve told myself to do for ages off the ground and finally get things going?

I don’t know guys. All I know is I need a little more time before the blog can go back to being what it was, and I’ll let you know when I get there.

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