Stand By for Transmission

Photo from Pexels

My original plan for today was to get my first Japan travel blog post up. And lol, based on the amount of time I’ve had to write today, the amount of time I’ve had other days, and what my plans are for the rest of the next few days, I don’t think it’s possible to get something to you before the end of the day. So instead, I’m putting this promise here: I will get my first Japan post up next week. It’s not going to be Monday because I’ll be out and busy all day, but the plan is Tuesday. I’m going to have the first of something comprehensive and good, and I swear it will be worth it. In the mean time, enjoy that photo of people standing in line.

Or if you’re really bored and my blog was how you got some amusement for a little while, I suggest listening to this episode of Reply All about Robocallers, and then watching this John Oliver segment on Robocallers, and then reading this Washington Post article about taking revenge on Robocallers. Robocalling is one of the banes of my existance, and it’s why I don’t pick up the phone anymore unless I know the person calling. I got called twice yesterday – how many times were you called by a robot?

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