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By the time you read this, I’ll be on vacation. Correction – I’ll be winging my way back after being on vacation. If I’ve done things correctly, you won’t have missed me at all. As previously noted, the Boy, and all three girls and I have spent the previous two weeks in Japan. It’s the kind of trip that both frightened me (for various reasons including: babies with jet lag, traveling without a car seat, traveling in a country where I don’t speak the language, and dealing with a non-Roman character set), and sets off all my excitement bells because it is so different from anywhere I’ve ever been before.

It’s the kind of trip that I feel like I failed to plan for properly. There were so many more books I could have read, websites I could have scanned, notes I could have taken. But I didn’t. The plan was to kind of wing things, and since I’m writing this in advance, I have no idea how it went. It was probably fine. Great even. The problem is that past me is writing this as future me, with no idea how it was.

I am excited to come back and share some information. I may even get frequent commentor (and sister-in-law of mine) Nicole to join me in writing about the things you should see or do on a trip to Japan, because coincidentally, she and my brother were there just before we were, and we all planned to meet up in Kyoto on our overlap day. Did we make it happen? Come back in a couple weeks, and I’ll let you know right here!

In any case, this is my second real vacation after the baby was born. It’s the first time that I’ll have the chance to prove to the Boy that we can continue to have world-traveling adventures despite the fact that we’ve now got a little one in tow. I am so excited to add another stamp to my passport and to begin to pass along our love of world travel to Baby B. I am excited to try new things, and to see beautiful places. To make a few mistakes, but find a way to laugh at myself along the way. I know that having this opportunity at all and being able to share it is a privilege. I am so lucky, and I can only hope that it was exactly as I imagined – warts and all.

Unless jet lag really messes me up, I should be back with more (non-pre-written) content starting Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Beverly says: Reply

    Welcome home. I hope jet lag doesn’t last too long, particularly for Baby B!!! I would think that travel to South America would be much easier with a little one since there isn’t much of a time change. Consider that for your next international travel. Baby B doesn’t understand that she’s supposed to sleep at night and that won’t be a consideration if you travel north or south instead of east and west.

  2. Nicole says: Reply

    Spoiler alert: We did make it happen 😉

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