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I am so frustrated. This past month, we have had a ridiculous number of delays and cancellations. Mostly it’s the delays that are the problem. Our daycare goes along with what the city does, and you’d think that being part of a city and not the county, we’d have the advantage of a more compact geographic area, and thus not have to worry about people in outlying areas with more snow and ice. But there have been a number of days recently where they have put in a delay for COLD. COLD. And not even closing, which I could see if you were worried about it being too cold in general for the kids to be in transit – no the delay has not once pushed back start times to a time when the temperature has raised enough to make a difference (it’s always been at most 2-3 degrees, and never been above freezing after the delay). It’s gotten to the point where even our daycare is frustrated at the process and has asked parents for a solution. I get why daycare has to delay when the schools do – our providers have kids too, and they need to make sure they are in school, or on their way before they can get themselves to work. But for the city? If the temperature or conditions aren’t going to change markedly between the normal opening time and the delayed opening time, why on EARTH would you do a delay and then fuck up adults livelihoods trying to account for staying home?

All of this is a convoluted way of saying, we had a two hour delay this morning. And due to a confusing situation with the Boy, Baby B’s car seat got left in his car, and I had to walk her to daycare, which isn’t really that far away. But when it’s cold (at the freezing mark), and raining, and wet, and there are puddles, and then the baby screams 2/3 of the way because she’s cold, and you’ve had a bad cold yourself, and you can’t use an umbrella because the stroller requires 2 hands to push, and there’s nothing you can do? It just makes you feel helpless. And since thankfully the federal government was also delayed, I didn’t need to get in to work until later, but guys – I was just not up for writing a blog post, and I didn’t have time with all the other things I had going on.

And so, no post today.

Anyways – what’s going on in your life that makes you feel helpless? Frustrated?

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