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So – to recap: baby vomit. Pediatrician. All seemed ok. Back to daycare the next day, but only for 2 hours before I got a call saying, “She’s still got some digestive issues”. Mom came to help. I get sick in the night. The Boy gets home from a business trip. H comes over so we can go to Mom’s for a make-up Christmas dinner (from when I was sick over the holidays). Then Mom gets sick in the night. Baby still dealing with digestive issues. H gets sick in the early morning, and we are hoping against hope that the Boy doesn’t come down with anything in the next couple days for work reasons.

It’s been so stressful. Trying to balance baby plus big girls, plus trying to get to work (guess who is out of sick leave???), and trying not to get people sick who we can avoid getting sick if possible. And there’s still no stopping – literally, no time to stop. All of the things we have to do need doing. If I had had to stay home one more day with a sick baby, I would have cried. I am still dreading the possibility of daycare calling to say, “Whoops, your baby is still sick, you need to come get her AND if you bring her in still sick again, we can terminate your care.” I don’t know that that will happen, but the thing is – it could. I’m just thinking in worst-case-scenarios right now, and I feel awful for things that aren’t my fault.

So this is a long-winded way to say, I may take a few days off from the blog. To literally heal, and to try and get my act together in this time when things are complicated and hard. You get it. I’ll be back soon, and it’ll all be good.

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