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In the time since having a baby and taking on breastfeeding as a personal challenge, there have been a few complicating factors, but one of those that was both unexpected and not was my hunger.  That’s right, since I’ve been breastfeeding, I’ve been hungrier than normal.  This is not entirely unexpected as I noted earlier, because breast milk is literally taking calories that I have consumed and turning them into something that I can give to B.  So I can’t really eat the amount that I was eating normally beforehand, because then I would be in a calorie deficit, and if you’re trying to lose weight, that’s fine, but for me right now I’m not (that’s a story and a whole other kettle of fish for another time), so I find myself getting peckish between meals.

Which means that I have to pack more in my lunchbox these days to get me through the day.  Too many times for a while there I was finding myself still very hungry at the end of the day, and spending money at the vending machine that is on the way out of the building that I didn’t need to spend.  Buying foods that were really not great for me.  So when another app I use offered me a couple of coupons for Naturebox, I jumped on the chance.

Naturebox is a “wholesale members-only club” where you can “save up to 40% on all our snacks”.  I put those particular things in quotes because the “members only” part is pretty flexible, and the “save up to 40%” seems pretty silly to me because I’m pretty sure than anyone who orders gets that pricing?  In any case, their schtick is that their snacks are made without artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  They’ve also got a lot of different kinds of snacks, so if you have dietary restrictions like being vegan or gluten-free, you can find a snack that you will enjoy.

The coupons I had were first for 50% off my first box, worth up to $25 in value.  Since I am all about maximizing the value of coupons, and because shipping is free for orders of more than $25, my goal was to get the after-coupon cost to be just above $25.  And I managed that pretty well with a final cost of about $29.50.  This included all the snacks you see in the picture below, and duplicates of three of the items, giving me 11 total bags of snacks, with a total price of about $2.67 per bag.  THEN you take into consideration the fact that each bag contains at least two servings worth of snacks, and you’re getting down to less than $1.50 per snack serving.  Considering the fact that vending machine food is minimum $1.25 in my building, this is starting to be a good deal.  And with the fact that the snacks I’m eating are marginally better for me, or at least have good-for-me ingredients, I feel much less bad about eating a few “Dark Cocoa Nom Noms” than I do about eating a snickers.  And if the snack I’m having is dried fruit, then yeah.  Much better.

My second coupon was for 30% off any order, and for my second shipment that brought the total down to $2.55 per bag, and nearly equal with the cost of vending machine food.  But, once those mega-coupons were gone, final pricing changed a bit.  I chose to spend the $30 per year for a membership, which gives you $5 in store credit each month, and “better pricing” on the snacks.  The first 30 days of membership is free, though you don’t get your store credit until the first month AFTER you join.  So for that first order after I joined, with a less awesome coupon code, I got 9 bags for a little over $35, which ends up to a little under $4 per bag in the end, and less than $2 per serving.  This is…less great.  Although I believe there are ways to get coupon codes (leaving things in your cart and going away), it’s not the same super-great value that it was with the 30% off level coupons.  Even so, there are “sale” items that could potentially be leveraged to get better pricing overall, and by watching the emails for special deals, you could also get a better price per serving.  And if there are individual snacks you enjoy, it’s possible to buy them in bulk for a better price as well.

“But how were the snacks?” you ask.  Oh my goodness, they were actually really good.  I am slightly obsessed with the aged cheddar lentil loops – they’re so light and crisp!  And it literally takes all my willpower not to eat all the cheddar cheese bites at once.  I really enjoyed both the dried mango and the turkey jerky.  And garlic plantains were bountiful AND eminently nom-able.  So if you’re worried that the snacks will be boring or not tasty, don’t worry about that.  I wasn’t as big a fan of the vanilla almond clusters, but perhaps that’s because it felt more like breakfast cereal.  And perhaps that was the same feeling with the mini Belgian waffles which were also tasty and cute, but I think my tolerance for breakfast flavors after midday isn’t very high.  I’ve ordered some mini cookies in other boxes and those haven’t been my favorites either – they tend to get very crumbly.  But a bag of kung pao pretzels were super-high on flavor, and kept their pretzel integrity very well.

Unfortunately for myself I’ve already committed to membership for the year.  I’m still going to use my wily, discount-seeking ways to try and get my “price per snack” down as low as I can.  But if you’re interested in trying this service – even for a short while, because you can cancel before the end of your trial membership period – please consider using my link below.  It will give you $20 to spend towards snacks.  And if you use my link to place an order, I too will get $20 to go towards snacks.  It’s another win-win scenario.

Naturebox is obviously not for everybody.  But if you have a little extra money, if you are already snacking regularly, and if you want to snack on better-for-you things, this is probably a good alternative.  It will never be the cheapest, but the snacks are generally super tasty, and worth ordering.  I wish there were some way of rating them on the Naturebox website (so other people could share what they think of them), but other than that…eh?  It’s a good service, and one I will try to enjoy for the next year.

Details: Naturebox – includes my referral link which gives you $20 in free snacks (and gives me $20 too).

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