Recipe(s) – Continued Adventures in Meal Prepping

Considering the fact that it’s been nearly two months since last I wrote about meal prepping, you’d think that I would have lots more recipes and tips for you.  Instead, it turns out that I got burned out, and having a large chunk of your Sunday spent cooking can grate on a person.  So while I’ve been pretty good about having meals for myself most of the time, I haven’t been great about planning very far in advance, and not in trying new and creative things.  In fact, I only have three recipes for you this time, and one of them I made before!

Perhaps the best recipe that I made in my summer meal prep adventure was the Pasta Salad with Roasted Carrots and Sunflower Seed Dressing.  I am not normally a person who likes pasta salad, but it turns out that this one has a dressing that isn’t gross to me.  In fact, the “dressing” felt very much like a thick, pasty pesto in the best possible way.  I also am not the hugest fan of cooked carrots, but it turns out that roasting really DOES make all vegetables delicious.  And by combining the sticks of roasted carrot with the twisty gemelli pasta, you get a delicious combination not just of flavors, but of textures.  I honestly forgot that I made this, and it was so good.  I should make it again.  And soon!  But maybe I’ll try to get the rainbow-colored carrots at the farmers market before trying it again.

This next recipe is one that have actually made twice more since making it the first time – Pork and Peanut Dragon Noodles.  It’s a great recipe, with a few simple ingredients and relatively easy to put together.  The thing to keep in mind is that the serving size on the pasta (3 meals) is really skimpy with the recipe as given, so what I did was double the recipe, and then give myself 4 servings, which yielded plenty of food (because who isn’t starving by lunch?) and it’s not like the noodles are going to be crazy filling.  As a note: this can be fairly spicy.  I also made it with ground turkey instead of pork, and that was nice.  The only bad part is that it’s pretty low on vegetable content.  You’re going to want to make something green to take with you too, and while the bok choy did feel very on theme (Asian flavors with Asian vegetable), it doesn’t reheat the best, and so the last few times I made it, I just roasted a head of broccoli for every couple of servings, and that worked out pretty well.

The last recipe I meal prepped is the one that I have made before – One Pot Sausage and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta.  It turns out I forgot about making this one as well (which if you go back and read that post seems to be a theme), and it’s almost THE PERFECT meal prep meal.  First off – it’s very hearty.  You don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.  Secondly, it includes a big serving of green vegetables mixed in to your meal.  Thirdly, there is so much flavor, it’s kind of ridiculous.  As in, I can remember how it tastes now, weeks and weeks later, and it makes me want to cook it again.  Finally, it makes a lot.  As in, I had enough for four meals for myself, and two to give the Boy to take to work with him, which is always a winning scenario.

Ok – I know I inspired a few other meal preppers out there with my last post.  And I know I failed to make the Japanese croquettes recommended by Ben on my last post, so that’s a potential addition to my list for the fall.  I might make the carrot pasta salad again since apparently carrots come back around in the fall, and perhaps I’ll make some kind of soup again.  Maybe I just need to hit up the Tasty website again and be inspired by their meal prepping videos.  Or maybe you’ve got an idea for me – hit me up in the comments and let me know what lunches you’ve prepped for yourself (or a loved one) recently that were yummy!

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