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  • Books – June 2018 Roundup

    I am so proud of myself for finishing four books this month.  Granted, it went exactly as I predicted, and being back to work, and having time during my commute and lunch hour to listen to audiobooks means that I have actual dedicated time to read which I didn’t during maternity leave.  Going forward from […]

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  • Restaurant – Toro Toro

    Earlier this month, I got to do something that is inherently cool, and that is to tour the West Wing of the White House.  I may not agree with or like the current occupant, but the building itself and its history are pretty awesome, and to be respected.  Tours happen after business hours, so the […]

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  • Theater – Camelot

    It’s amazing the kind of things we let ourselves think we’re familiar with.  So many movies, tv shows and theatrical performance has permeated our general pop culture that it’s easy to think, “Oh, I’ve seen that, right?”  I am that way with a lot of movies.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Citizen Kane or […]