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Photo by Alexi Lubomirski for the Royal Family

I am slightly obsessed with the British royal family.  Not like, following the z-list members all the time, knowing EVERYONE’S name and place in line for the throne obsessed, but for the central figures – yeah, sure.  I follow the Kensington Palace instagram account, and for the last couple years have eagerly followed news whenever Duchess Catherine has been pregnant.  The Boy is now very tired of my joke that Baby B will marry Prince Louis, but it’s such a good plan/line of logical leaps and assumptions that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN!  In any case, things have been in overdrive the last few months, and that is because in addition to the birth of the new prince last month, we got the joy of a Royal Wedding this past weekend, and not only that, the bride was an AMERICAN.

Ok, obviously you know who Meghan Markle is by now.  I’m not sure there’s anyone on the face of the planet who has been able to escape news of the American television actress who married Prince Harry.  Meghan was on Suits – a show that I watched the first 3 or 4 seasons of when they first aired – and now she’s a Duchess and married to a prince.  It’s all sort of a fairy tale!  And when we knew the date of the wedding, I knew I would be getting up at whatever stupid hour of the morning to watch it.

And get up at stupid-o’clock I did.  Awaking at 4 am, I fed the baby who had also woken up at that time soon after, and then headed downstairs.  I began to pull out all the things I had made, to prep for my guests – my mom, and friend A along with her baby girl.  The dress code for our party was “pajamas and fascinators”, meaning wear comfy clothes but slightly ridiculous headwear.  I was in my fascinator that I bought at a consignment shop in Purcellville.  And we had SO MUCH FOOD.

I’ve been off dairy for Baby B’s comfort, and so I was in charge of making scones, but also making them dairy free.  So I found a recipe for vegan scones online (because proper scones are chock full of butter and milk), and used her recipe for coconut whipped cream as well.  If you’re dairy free, or looking for vegan scones and cream recipes, these are excellent ones.  I also provided some yummy royal wedding tea, and decorated with a new tea towel.  My mom came bearing fruit, sausages and crumpets from Trader Joe’s.  And friend A brought the pièce de résistance – a lemon-elderflower cake from a recipe in the Washington Post that was from the baker who made the actual Royal Wedding cake!  Basically, we ate a lot of delicious things early in the morning and tried not to stuff ourselves too silly.

And while yes – I cared a lot about the dresses and hats, and Meghan looked amazing – the part that I was most impressed, and slightly proud of was the fact that the person who gave the sermon is someone with whom I am very familiar.  That’s right, it was the Bishop Michael Curry, who is the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church – my church! – and someone that I’ve seen speak in person and have even shaken his hand because he was the Bishop of North Carolina back when I lived there.  I know there were some people who felt like his sermon went on a little long (me too, but only by a minute or two, because we wanted to get back to the Royal Wedding part), but I was just so pleased and impressed.  His sermon was one of love, and I think and hope that it was appealing not just for me as an Episcopalian, but for some people out there who haven’t been to church in a while, or who think all churches have this judgmental sort of fire and brimstone attitude.

Basically, it was the greatest “free” advertising for the Episcopal Church that we could have hoped for.  There were millions of eyes on Bishop Curry, and he was showing how great and progressive our church can be.  People that might be deciding on a church, or not have been to a church in a long time saw him speak in a way that was open and inclusive and might be inspired to go to church – and could very well decide that the Episcopal Church is the kind of community that they want to be a part of.

Photo by Alexi Lubomirski for the Royal Family

Anyways – that’s all I’ve got.  Who else watched the Royal Wedding?  Did it make you want to wear more hats?  Or inspire you to up your flower game?  To go back to church?  Or were you just there for the tea and cake?  Let me know, I’d love to know I’m not alone.  🙂

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