Knitting Project – Garter Squish Blanket

Last year I went to visit my friend H at her new place, and when we got back from lunch, we sat down to chat, and she pulled out the most amazing blanket that she was knitting.  It wasn’t a difficult one, and she seemed to be having the easiest time of it.  It was a gift for a friend, and it looked really cool despite the fact that it wasn’t a fancy pattern.  She just sat and knit away, and I was entranced.  She told me the name of the pattern (garter squish), and I went home and immediately looked it up.  The next time I was at the craft store, I purchased yarn appropriate to what she had told me (Caron Cakes, which are self-striping and reasonably priced), and enough to make a blanket for the bed in our guest room.

And then I didn’t get around to making the blanket.  Whoops.  It literally sat in shopping bags in the closet until I figured out that I was pregnant, and then I immediately had this strong desire to make a blanket.  I knew I probably wouldn’t get around to knitting anything super adorable for my own baby, so I might as well knit something practical that would go in the guest room/nursery.  A big squishy and easy blanket it was.

Here’s the thing though, if you’re knitting something that’s meant to go on a bed: it’s going to take a very long time.  And it took a VERY long time.  So long, that I finished it only days before Baby B arrived.  And I promptly put it back in my work bag, and didn’t clean up the ends that were hanging loose everywhere, and I have to tell you, there were a LOT.  So as much as I’m presenting this as a finished project, it’s very much 99% done, and doesn’t have the finishing bits finished.  Oh well.

Funny story: at my baby shower, H was there, and gave me a hand-knit blanket, which turned out to be a lap version of the one I’d been making!  It’s completely different colors, but goes to show that great minds (and great friends) think alike.


Details: Garter Squish by Stephen West, knit with Caron Cakes, and Caron One Pound in complementary colors.

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  1. Beverly says: Reply

    It really looks beautiful and you will always remember that you finished it just before baby was born!.. You should knit her something! Baby things are small and shouldn’t take that long, right?

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