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So it’s been a little over a month since I had my baby, and I think that’s a good enough time to be on a break from the blog.  So now is a good time to do a little introduction to my sweet baby girl.

So yeah – it’s a girl.  She’s a sweet little thing, and for internet purposes, she will be known as B.

Baby B is amazing and beautiful.  I feel so lucky every day to have her.  But the first month has not been easy at all.  The first couple weeks were crazy challenging because she lost a lot of her birth weight.  Of course, it turns out that this is a very normal thing.  But it’s not something that gets talked about a lot.  It was the kind of thing that made me feel so guilty when it was happening – I was trying so hard to feed her, and when she wasn’t able to gain weight based on how I was feeding her, it felt like I was doing something wrong.  But I wasn’t.  It’s just that sometimes babies take their time gaining their weight back.  And as all my friends, family and medical personnel said – the most important thing is making sure you have a fed baby.  So yes, we did one full day of supplementing with formula.  And the weeks of pumping all the time to make sure we had enough food for Baby B were so hard.  But we are now at the point where I’m able to feed B entirely through breastfeeding, so – phew!

Baby sleep is complicated too.  The Boy and I have been forced to trade off during the nights, which means that we’ve been getting minimal sleep.  Although lucky me – the last couple nights, B has been sleeping for long stretches (about 3-4 hours).  And at some point we will get to the point where we can both be sleeping at the same time.

Babies are hard.  There’s so much that people don’t tell you about what it’s like in the first few weeks.  And I suppose there’s just a lot that no one can tell you.  All babies are different, and there are so many different things that can go wrong.  Additionally, the physical toll that you experience in the time after having a baby is no joke.  It’s very possible that you’ll get less than half the amount of sleep, that your body will be physically exhausted beyond anything you’ve ever known, that your breasts will be heavier/achier/more sore than you’ve ever thought possible, and you will feel guilty about EVERYTHING (see above about the feeding).  This is all normal, but it’s important that if any of your thoughts and feelings are really bad, that you should get professional help.  I was pushed by both my mom and the Boy to go see my doctor about postpartum issues, and it helped to know what was normal and what could help me feel better.  Being a new mom is SO HARD, and there’s only so much you can be warned about/told ahead of time.

Anyways – that’s it for today.  I’ll be back to a more regular schedule starting this week.  The plan for the rest of my maternity leave (through early June) is a slightly reduced posting schedule – Tuesdays and Fridays.

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