Personal – End of Year Wrap-Up 2017

Photo from Pexels, Getting a birds-eye view on things.

Last December, I was very proud of my accomplishments in actually writing every single day.  Of course, writing every single day was hard, and I feel like there was a lot of fluff in there.  I had a very tepid response to the survey I put out last year, hence – no survey this year.  Also I forgot and was lazy/busy.  You probably noticed that my posting scheduled changed to MWF (except when there was a federal holiday, in which case it changed to T-Th or some other arrangement to accommodate the day off).  I’ve taken a few days off for getting married, and then vacation/honeymoon, and then one more day of vacation in the summer.  But generally – not many missed posts.  I don’t think you missed them, did you?

This coming year will be an interesting one.  I will definitely be trying to stick to the three times per week schedule at least until baby comes.  I’ll put up some kind of pre-drafted post to let y’all know that a) I’ve either had the baby or b) am in process and there will be no other posts for a bit.  As mentioned before, I’m planning on continuing to write about the theater and musical events that we already have tickets for, and potentially about the shows I watch during maternity leave.  But as for how often?  Eh – haven’t decided yet.  Next year will be about learning I can’t be in control all the time, and so letting go when necessary.

By the Numbers:

At least 3700 views from more than 1590 visitors.  (Nearly double the views, with 50% more visitors, despite fewer posts!)

114 total comments, of which nearly half were mine (because responding), but a drop from last year which is understandable since there’s less to comment on in general.

Personal – 35 posts
Recipes – 23 posts
Theater – 14 posts
Books – 12 posts
TV – 7 posts
Travel – 6 posts
Games – 6 posts
Restaurants – 6 posts
Movies – 6 posts
DIY – 4 posts
Events – 4 posts
Services/Apps – 3 posts
Out and About – 2 posts
Sports – 2 posts
Podcasts – 1 post
Products – 1 post
Science – 1 post
Home Stuff – 1 post

14 posts for Reverb, including 4 for the month of December.

Top 5 posts of the Year (by hits):

Recipe – Double Broccoli Buddha Bowl
Product – Tieks
Recipe – Lemon Snickerdoodle
Personal – A Partner Who Travels for Work
Podcast Roundup

Top 5 Posts, Including Those Posted in Previous Year (by hits):

Recipe – Yorkshire Pudding (with the numbers peaking in the fall this year)
Movie – Trolls
Recipe – Double Broccoli Buddha Bowl
Product – Tieks
Recipe – Cheesy Crock-Pot Brussels Sprouts Dip (since this is based on a Tasty video, people probably want to see if it’s legit)

The 5 posts I’m most proud of are:

Recipe – Sorting Hat Cupcakes, because they were so cute, and they were a really big hit.  Impressing tweens is a deep seated need in my soul, and this was something that allowed me to do that.

Personal/Party Planning – How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months, because I think back now and damn – I did it.  A beautiful wedding that I’m proud of, that didn’t cause me too much stress, that was a good expression of the Boy and myself as a couple?  In three months?  Heck yes.  People need to know how to do this shit.

Personal – Embracing Your Inner Nerd, because face it – we all need help with this sometimes.  Even those of us who are progressing in our journey to complete DGAF.

Personal/Career – My First Time Getting Paid to Write, because I mean – I got paid to write for someone else this year.  TWICE.  Very professionally satisfying, and we’ll see if it’s a feat I can duplicate and expand upon in 2018!

DIY Advent Calendar, because it turned out so well.  I think a clear-coat might be in order now that the holiday is over, and it won’t be in use again for a full year, but it was a serious hit, and the girls loved it and people thought it was nice.  So – win-win-win!

And finally…my favorite search terms used to find my site:

“the secret garden musical bad accent”


And that’s where we stand going in to 2018.  I feel comfortable saying that things have expanded and improved.  I don’t know how much of that is real readership expansion, but I guess we’ll see when I drop my posting numbers even more.  I’m curious to see if this is the year my blog becomes a relic, or if I can continue to keep it up with additional responsibilities.

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