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We’ve reached the point of the year with Project Reverb where it goes to a daily prompt.  As I already have so much to talk about, I limit myself to one post per week where I address as many of that week’s prompts as seem appropriate. If you’re interested in seeing my responses to the weekend Instagram challenges (which I’m sporadic on this year), head on over to my account.

I’m also finishing up this week’s Reverb prompts a little early so that I can do my monthly book round-up on Thursday (yay holiday-shortened weeks!) and my whole-blog 2017 round-up post next Tuesday.

Dec. 25 // What does today (or the holiday that you celebrate) mean to you beneath the surface of tradition?

I have always loved Christmas, and a big part of that is not just the presents, food and decorations but the joyful anticipation of religious Advent and Christmas.  The very purposeful waiting that takes place in advent is not just about chocolates to be eaten every day.  It’s really about waiting for that one big moment of joy and love.  If we all could focus less on the consumer parts of the season (myself included) and more on how to redirect that energy towards love (whatever its expression), I think this world would be a better place.  And the yearly wait and hope for that world-filling love is what I feel like this day (or rather, yesterday) is all about.

Dec. 26 // Three hundred and sixty-four days until next Christmas. What’s on your mind?

The main thought that has been on my mind today and every day this month is how very different things will be one year from now.  There’s going to be a baby.  I think about all the things I need to do in the next couple months to prepare for the new little person who will be joining our family, and how things might be different next year when it comes time to pull out the boxes and decorate again.

Dec. 27 // Describe three highlights from your year.

  1. Marrying my awesome Boy, and making our little family officially official.
  2. Travelling with him to one of the most amazing places on earth – the Galapagos – and getting to experience the magic of those islands together.
  3. Feeling like I’m coming into my own at work.  Which involves getting to go to a conference for the first time in five years, and feeling like people see and recognize me as a positive addition to the profession and our office.

Theoretically pregnancy should also be on this list, but something that is spread out over many months and includes both little joyous moments (seeing the baby on the sonogram for the first time, feeling the first kicks) are balanced out with…

Dec. 28 // Did your year have any low points? What did you learn from them?

Over the summer, there was a period of about a week where we had a health scare involving the baby.  I had to spend that week in various doctors offices, getting blood drawn, having to talk about the possibilities of what might happen.  It was all very scary, being newly pregnant and not being able to be immediately excited (or even to tell anyone how scared I was!) because there was a possibility that things would all end or could just be very bad.  It all turned out to be a false alarm (damn commercial blood labs and their not-as-reliable tests!), but that week was hard!!!

But, in that week I learned that I married a really steady, level-headed man who is going to balance out my tendency for immediate panic.  I learned that good doctors will take excellent care of you, that the US is not the most medically progressive country in the world, and that health insurance companies are terrible to work with (haha – just kidding.  I knew that already!).

Dec. 29 // Write a letter to your future self to read one year from now. What do you want yourself to know? What do you hope to learn or achieve?

Dear Maggie in late December 2018,

It’s going to be ok.  Things have probably been more out of control this year than you could possibly have imagined for yourself.  Things will likely not have gone the way you would have liked or imagined.  Some of it was just by chance.  A portion of that was probably based on you doing or not doing things.  You probably can’t change them at this point, but if there’s any major choices you’re regretting, there are few things in life you can’t take back.

Remember that if things are hard, you have lots of good people to turn to.  Your husband is awesome.  Your stepdaughters are becoming more useful and helpful household members every day.  Your parents are beyond generous with their time and efforts.  You have friends who have offered to help with a million little things in the past who would help you now if you need it.  You have an excellent support system in place already, and that’s more than most people can say.

I hope things are going well with Baby.  That you’re figuring things out, and you’re learning to let go of the unimportant things.  I hope you’re making an effort to connect Baby with all the branches of their family, and to learn how very loved and lucky they are.  I hope you’re making sure the girls have enough attention too, because it’s so easy to focus entirely on the littlest and most dependent when bigger kids need love and attention too.

I hope you’ve figured out how to eat more vegetables in your own diet because if you can’t make yourself do that, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to convince a kid to eat healthy.


Maggie in December 2017

Details: This post is part of Project Reverb 2017, which sends a daily writing challenge for bloggers during the month of December.  If you’re interested in participating, sign up here or visit their facebook group.

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