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We’ve reached the point of the year with Project Reverb where it goes to a daily prompt.  As I already have so much to talk about, I limit myself to one post per week where I address as many of that week’s prompts as seem appropriate. If you’re interested in seeing my responses to the weekend Instagram challenges, head on over to my account.

Dec. 1 // On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Um, stability?  You may have known that last year I felt like I was not officially anything.  This year, after a lot of big milestones, we are definitely a family, and things feel good.  In fact, on December 1, my love gave me the “gift” of switching over to his health insurance plan, which was accepted for a medical test I needed that my previous insurance was not.  I still didn’t get to do the test that day for unrelated reasons, but we also got the new insurance cards, and it’s exciting to see my name on there officially as “spouse”.  So stability is a nice thing.

Dec. 4 // What is one tradition you plan to pass on to future generations of your family and friends?

I’m not entirely sure about this one.  We haven’t really had to establish any of our own traditions for the holidays yet, since my parents are so close, and I love the traditions that my parents have.  I don’t know if when the time comes which of my parents traditions I’ll continue, but I guess we’ll see?  I do love our new advent calendar, and I hope that becomes a holiday favorite tradition in the years to come.  As well as everyone decorating our tree together.

Dec. 5 // The holidays aren’t the holidays until I …

Get the tree decorated.  We bought our tree last weekend.  It’s standing in the living room.  It is bare.  Our schedules this year are so busy that we won’t be able to decorate for another few days, and it has me very sad.  The Boy and I really do need to at least put lights on it, and that may help things feel a little more cheerful.  But I also need to make sure I have enough lights!

Dec. 6 // What about the holidays brings out your inner Grinch?

Being so busy.  I love seeing all my friends and family, but when there’s hardly a chance to breathe because I have overscheduled myself?  That’s the worst.  I haven’t slept properly in a week, and we’re barely into December so far!  Thankfully I think things will be slowing down the teensiest of bits so that I can take that deep breath I’ve been missing, and do the homey things I want to do.  Like finish decorating the house.  Make sure I have all the Christmas gifts I want to give.  That kind of thing.

Dec. 7 // Do you know anyone who’s been exceptionally good this year? What type of love, joy, gifts do that person’s good deeds deserve?

I know a lot of people who have been good enough.  But I’m not sure I like this question – if you love someone and they’ve strived in the year, and if they’ve been good to you and to the world, does it matter if they’ve been exceptionally good?  The idea of being “exceptionally good” brings to mind someone who has a lot of time on their hands to do the “beyond expectations” good things, or who has no other life beyond their work and their good deeds.  Because otherwise, if they don’t have lots of extra time, or they have little social life – chances are that in doing whatever good deeds, they are ignoring someone in their life who also deserves their attention.

In any case, it’s not me.  I’m terrible at keeping in touch with family and friends who deserve my attention, and so often I feel like I’m surviving, and not thriving (A phrase I’ve seen on a t-shirt for sale from the girls at The Home Edit that I can’t find).  I know the Boy feels the same way.  The girls, while they’ve been good, have been normal children who sometimes fight, and don’t do as they’re told.  Other family members have also been good, but in a normal way, and how do you categorize someone as exceptional?

No.  I don’t think I’ll do that.  We’ve been good enough this year.  We’re all trying hard.  We’re striving against the bad things which require the striving, and chugging along with our lives as much as is possible in this age of abnormality.

Dec. 8 // Have you ever tried a new recipe over the holidays and bombed it? Or, even better, has trying something new in the kitchen paid off for you this year?

You know what?  No.  I tend to go with tried and true recipes.  And also, I’m not in charge of any of the big holiday meals, so I don’t have to worry about things blowing up in my face.  I did do an excellent job back at my Friendsgiving turkey, but I wasn’t super worried about that.  The other things I usually make are cookies, and if a recipe is messed up to begin with, I’m usually making enough of something else to balance it out.  I made some nice snickerdoodles last night, and despite the fact that the butter I was using was frozen to start, and didn’t soften all the way leaving some definite butter streaks (which I think led to blurry cookies), they were still good.  And I know this because the girls and I taste tested and they tasted like snickerdoodles.  So – win.  But I’ve got to make more cookies/desserts for a party we’re attending this weekend, so I suppose there’s more time for things to blow up in my face.

Details: This post is part of Project Reverb 2017, which sends a daily writing challenge for bloggers during the month of December.  If you’re interested in participating, sign up here or visit their facebook group.

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