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There was a recent stretch of about a week where the Boy was out of town, and I decided to use the time to catch up on the backlog which exists on my DVR.  Sure, I could have actually gone back and finished the most recent season of Scandal (which – man, I love that show, but I feel like it has been beyond extra for a while now), and there were other shows we wanted to watch together (The Americans!), so the best bet was to actually watch the entirety of a mini-series I’d recorded a while back – Big Little Lies.

I know I know – we’ve reached yet another point where Maggie is behind the times.  In my defense, the spring was a little busy.  And things didn’t really slow down at all even when school let out, because we took a trip, the girls were always needing to be somewhere, and basically, the only time I’ve really had to myself to watch a show has been this time.  In fact, my watching the series before it was more than a year old is really the part that should be commended.  If I were to watch the Emmys this year (because I used to watch and throw parties for every major award show, but priorities have changed), I would have opinions! Nearly all the main cast are up for acting awards, and many of the other awards for a “Limited Series” also have a Big Little Lies nominee.  So yeah – go me.  *Self-five*

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Now, I haven’t read the book, so I can’t really talk about that.  I know the book was originally set in Australia, but that’s about it.  While I’m sure much of the content for the mini-series does come from the book, it’s amazing the breadth of topics that are covered – domestic violence, spousal infidelity, rape, bullying (by both children and adults), class division in a wealthy town.  It’s a lot to bring together in one storyline, and yet this mini-series seems to do a fantastic job of it.  And it felt like a perfectly encapsulated story – beginning, middle, clear-cut end.  Although apparently the ratings were good enough and there were enough people who asked for it that a second season is in development (which also makes it not a limited series???), though I’m not sure how that will happen, considering things were neatly tied up in a bow at the end of the show?

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Anyways – I’m not going to say a lot about the plot or what happens because as someone who had no idea about what any of the story was going in, I was delighted and surprised with every episode.  I wouldn’t want to spoil that experience for anyone else.  I will say that the acting was terrific, and that as someone who has adored both Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman at various points in my life and their careers, it was fun to see them working together.  In fact – the entire cast seemed crazy good – how were they able to get that many big names and recognizable faces together?  I suppose being a prestige HBO project helps a lot.  The music is also terrific, and it almost makes me want to go and buy the soundtrack, it was that good.  All in all, it is a solid entertainment experience.  It felt fresh and concise, and if you too have 7 hours of free time in which to watch a limited series, I can’t recommend this one enough.

Has anyone else watched the show?  Did you see any of the big twists coming?  I can’t promise that we won’t discuss spoilers in the comments, but since I rarely get comments – those trying to avoid spoilers are probably safe.  😉

Details: Big Little Lies, available on HBO streaming/on-demand services.

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