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So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most times during a month, I’ll have a recipes following two regularly recurring events – college friend potlucks, and book club.  Theoretically this would have been a day when I should have done a recipe for book club, but for the first time we decided to go to a restaurant for our meeting and book discussion/hang-out-session, and so I figured, if I’m not going to share a recipe, I ought to at least share about the restaurant we visited.  And this time around, we were in the neighborhood of a member who lives in Clarendon – walking distance from my old apartment! – and we’d chosen Green Pig Bistro.

Green Pig is one of those trendy styles of restaurants – farm to table, head to tail.  So everything is fresh, and everything is used.  I’d visited once before with my cousin for dinner a few years back.  I remember getting a burger, and it being very good.  And since our book club meats at breakfast/brunch time, it was exciting to look at their brunch menu and get excited.  Although there are a LOT of meat-focused items, so if you are a vegetarian, or friends with one, this might not be the place to go.  The space itself is rustic, with a cozy country farmhouse meets modern industrial sort of air.  But still bright and full of light.

Everyone in our group got a special brunch drink.  Normally I would have been all over the hibiscus mimosa, but being that I’ve been sick, and I don’t like to drink alcohol when I’m not feeling well, I had to pass on it.  Luckily there were a couple fun options for non-alcoholic fare, one of which also included hibiscus.  So I treated myself to a hibiscus-citrus fizz – think more sparkling lemonade, and less Sprite or 7-Up.  Is it terrible that I’m kind of in love with the pretty pink color too?

For the food itself, I strongly considered going with french toast.  Especially because it had a berry compote, and I’m a sucker for berries in spring.  But the “host” from our book club group had mentioned how good the chicken and waffles were, and how they were a little more savory than are normally presented.  I tend not to like gravy on things, (have you noticed how few of the things that I make for myself have a sauce on them?) so it was initially ignored, but the idea of a sausage gravy – something a little more substantial was appealing.  And the final dish did not disappoint.  Just a little bit of sweet, and overall lots of amazing complementary savory flavors that I tried my best not to wolf down too fast.

I did manage to get one of my dining companions to let me photograph her meal.  This was the traditional American breakfast, and that little cylinder?  That’s a hash brown!  We all oohed and aahed over how clever it was to serve that way.  I didn’t hear any complaints from my fellow diners, and we all cleaned our plates, which I’ll take as a sign that we liked it.

So yeah – Green Pig was super fun for brunch.  Our waitress did come by our table a few more times than I would have thought was strictly necessary (being kind and checking on our status), and street parking in Clarendon is a pain in the butt.  However – if you can find parking in advance, or if you can take metro or uber in…I think you will not find your disappointed with a meal at Green Pig.

Details: Green Pig Bistro, 1025 N Fillmore St, Arlington, VA; Reservations online.

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