Personal – 8 of My Favorite Things Ever

May // 8 of My Favorite Things Ever

I’m going to go a little high, low and esoteric with this one.

  1. The Boy – I am so lucky to have met him and to have him in my life.  He’s one of my favorite people because we have so many things in common, but he balances me out.  He’s the one who tells me common sense things that make me feel better.  “Go visit your sister.”  “Have dinner with that friend.” “Go to the doctor.”  It’s the kind of relationship I always wanted, and never thought I would find.  It’s something I hope all of my friends and loved ones get to experience one day if they don’t already have it in their life.
  2. Ranunculus – do you see that flower up there?  It’s so pretty.  SO PRETTY.  All those delicate layers of ruffling petals.  The soft pretty color.  They’re every ruffly thing that you want from a rosebud, but cheaper and prettier.  White ranunculus had primo spots in my wedding bouquet along with lisianthus – my other favorite flower.  But man, ranunculus are the best.
  3. Karaoke – I love to get up and sing.  I used to sing with a choir, but I no longer have the time.  I used to sing along with the radio, but at some point I started listening to audiobooks on my commute instead, and I no longer know all the words as well as once I did.  Karaoke is the perfect combination of my desire to sing, without needing to know the words by heart.  And it doesn’t hurt to be stuffed into a room full of your friends and a few drinks.  My favorite venue in DC for karaoke is Muzette.
  4. Cheese – there are times when I briefly contemplate a vegan lifestyle.  Those moments are brief, because a life without cheese for me is hardly worth living.  I’m spoiled to live within walking distance of a wonderful cheese shop/wine bar, and my regular grocery run usually includes at least one kind of cheese.  I keep thinking it would be fun to make cheese, but we’ll see if that actually happens.
  5. Getting real mail – perhaps this is a reaction to the fact that the previous owners of our house never changed their mailing address, so often times I am tricked by the pile of mail that sits in our mailbox at the end of the day.  I think, “woohoo – someone sent me letters!”  But it turns out that 25% of what’s in there is for the other family, 25% is “Current Resident” garbage, 25% is catalogs, 20% is bills, and maybe 5% of the time there’s something that I’m interested in.  Maybe this is why I spend so much time using Amazon – the feeling of getting a nice and wanted package instead of sorting through things that will end up in the recycling is intoxicating.
  6. The feeling when you’ve read a really good book for the first time – there are books in my life that I just remember being in awe of as I read them.  And obsessed with them.  Never wanting them to finish.  Going, “Oh my god, I didn’t know it was possible to write like that”.  Saga.  Bossypants.  Ready Player One.  The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Comfort Me With Apples.  Fangirl.  Bel Canto.  Harry Potter.  Basically, scroll through my five-star books on Goodreads, and there you’ll find the ones that have boggled my mind with how awesome they are.
  7. Sleep – I was thinking that this would be on the list, but mainly because it’s something I haven’t gotten a lot of lately.  Combine being crazy busy, traveling, illness, and being woken up by the boy because I’m snoring (see: illness), I’ve had probably 4 days where I felt like I got enough sleep the night before since the beginning of the month.  I plan on sleeping in a bit tomorrow, but I’ve got another busy weekend ahead of me.  Sleep is one of those things that you forget how great it is until you’re not getting enough.  Right now I would appreciate the fuck out of a good night of rest.
  8. Tea – Again, perhaps because I’m sick, but I start and end most days with a cup of tea.  Black in the morning, chamomile at night.  Nothing in them – just tea leaves steeping in hot water, and then nearly directly into my mouth.  I love Eastern Shore Tea Company, and usually get a few bags of loose leaf tea when I’m at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Right now I’m drinking Summerhouse tea (vanilla, jasmine & lavender) and it is honestly the best and most refreshing.  Bedtime is a little simpler – no tea strainers, just bags of Celestial Seasonings, from their Sleepytime line or else a relaxing chamomile.

And right now that’s it.  If there were a way to combine all of these into a perfect weekend, it would be amazing.  It would be so relaxing and lovely and I wouldn’t be able to help myself.  But I think that’s just the anticipation of busy times ahead that is making me dream of a quieter time with less obvious stress.

What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. Nicole Holstein says: Reply

    Gotta agree with you there about sleep!!! God, it is just so wonderful.

    My list would include Powerful, Smart Lady Friends; Great Books; Breakfast Food; and Massages. (Wait, am I Leslie Knope???)

    Turns out the intentionality of sitting down and writing a list like this of your favorite things is actually a really helpful way to assess one’s life. This made me think: What are my priorities? What on this list am I not getting enough of? How can I reorganize my life to bring more of those things into my life and give myself the happiness I deserve?
    Conclusion – I need to schedule massages every once in a while. They are good for my back health, good for my mental health, and they bring me joy. I also need to be more intentional about cultivating my lady friendships.

    By the way, I just listened to this awesome episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You about why it is so hard to make those strong friendships as adults, and how to get over the awkwardness of the Prospective Friend Dates. I think all the women in my life should listen to that episode.

    1. maggie says: Reply

      Yeah the intentional writing of it is hard. And narrowing it down is even harder. There are literally so many things across broad categories that I could have included but in your way of thinking, it leads me to realize that I need to buy fresh flowers more often, because I love having them in the house.

      And I definitely need to schedule a karaoke outing with some girlfriends who would be down for some tipsy song-styling!

      1. Nicole Holstein says:

        Count me in on that!

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