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I’ve made some poor choices lately.  Some of them are related to getting super into my new farming game (Stardew Valley – you are SO ADDICTIVE).  But mostly it’s about self control – even with Stardew Valley – but that self-control is related to when I should be going to bed.  For a few years now I’ve been trying to get myself into the habit of being in bed no later than 11pm, and with electronics off at that point.  But with a game I’m obsessed with, and a Boy who doesn’t encourage as much good behavior on going to bed early because he’s amused at my gaming…my bedtime has been creeping later and later.  I can usually finish making my lunch for the next day by 11pm, but that means I still have to go upstairs, brush my teeth, wash my face, and apply my face cream and layer of lip balm.  It takes much longer than it should.  So I’ll be in bed at maybe 11:15.  And then I make the mistake of pulling out my phone.

I know that the blue light from my phone is bad for me immediately before bed.  I even bought some doofy glasses a while back so that I could potentially keep up my bad habit of phone checking immediately before trying to fall asleep.  It would probably help if I wore them.  But I get sucked in – most of the time it’s just scrolling down facebook and seeing what’s going on.  Or catching up on Instagram live stories, with the renovation tales of Joanna and her Seattle bungalow being my most recent “must watch”.  I don’t even really read her blog, but I love seeing her tear down the ceiling of her bedroom.  So much so that I abandon my own sleep to see what progress they’ve made, or what new layers of wallpaper they find.  Or re-watching every single 100 Years of Beauty episode on The Cut youtube page, because you know – it’s very important to have the context of world beauty before I watch the Taiwan video.  That is literally a thing I did last week that resulted in my staying up until midnight.  I am a ridiculous and occasionally stupid creature.

Today, and probably for this entire week, I have a new excuse as to why I’m so tired, and it’s only partly my own stupidity to blame – Daylight Savings!  I don’t really get it, and neither does John Oliver.

It probably shouldn’t exist anymore, but until it doesn’t, I have a good excuse for a short while longer.  “Oh man, I’m still messed up by the time change”.  It also doesn’t help that I’m trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends, which is not actually a thing that can happen.  And all my hopes right now are pinned on the snowstorm that is meant to make its way into our area tonight and tomorrow morning.  Because it would be like Christmas morning all over again to wake up on Tuesday and realize, I can go right back to sleep.

Which I’ll desperately want to do after staying up again too late.

So – anyone else out there making poor sleep choices?  Have you found a system that actually works for getting yourself to bed at a more reasonable time?  I’ve tried setting reminders for myself, but they don’t always work.  Any other ideas out there?

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  1. We should be aware as to how important having enough hours of sleep to keep us productive.

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