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  • Books – February Roundup

    So since last week was a holiday week, and according to my new posting schedule I did Tuesday/Thursday postings, I missed the “last Friday of the month” for the book post.  So instead I shall go to the next posting day after the last Friday of the month.  And it’s still February friends.  So let’s see […]

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  • Theater – The Hard Problem

    Back in mid-January the Boy sent me a message on facebook with a review of “The Hard Problem”, a link without context.  Not a particularly glowing review, but reading the summary of the play, I immediately messaged back “Yes please”.  His reply to that?  “Yeah that’s what I thought”. So what’s the story that immediately […]

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  • Theater – King Charles III

    I have always been an Anglophile, and from my mother, part of that was a fascination with the British Royals.  We watched Diana’s funeral (I fell asleep) and William and Kate’s wedding (I took the day off work and barely slept the night before).  Meeting and dating an Englishman of my very own feels like […]