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Tomorrow I start my break from work over Christmas.  And while I had another post that I could have done today, it doesn’t seem to fit into my brain mode right now.  So I’m just going to throw a lot of links and other stuff at you that makes me feel happy and into the season.

  • I finished up Christmas gifts yesterday.  All the packages I’d ordered arrived by Tuesday, but yesterday I remembered to finally send out my gifts to the friends I “buy gifts” for.  A few years back I got a card in the mail saying that a friend and her husband had donated 10 meals in my name to their local food pantry.  I cried when I read the card (this is not uncommon).  So I resolved from that year forward I would do the same.  We all have too much stuff in our lives, and my buying you a little more isn’t going to make anyone happier.  But in the hope that my friends feel the same way that I do, I’ve been making holiday donations in honor of my bestests to food charities near me.  This year I supported the Arlington Food Assistance Center.  They’ve got four stars on Charity Navigator, and they help support the hidden hungry in an overtly wealthy area of the nation.
  • At the end of the year I also like to make a slew of holiday donations.  Normally my favorites are charity:water and UNICEF, but this year, I decided to focus more on groups that will be helping support the areas of funding that are likely to be cut in the coming administration, and to combat whatever ridiculousness comes out of congress.  I’m not going to name specific names, but I will say that four of the five non-profit organizations are on this list.
  • I am all about felt decor this year, and apparently for the next few years.  That fun felt-ball garland you see hanging in the doorway behind our tree?  Made by me.  Using the 2 cm wool felt balls from the CraftyWoolFelt etsy shop.  Her store is terrific, and she was so nice when a particular color I wanted was slightly delayed.  I will likely be back to make more fun garlands in the future.  I also bought us a festive banner for the kitchen and a proper tree skirt from West Elm, when both were on sale.  When I have time, I will probably make a few of these ornaments which look super easy and fun!  Felt everything!  So cozy and perfect for this time of year!
  • I don’t know if I’ll be doing any cookie baking tonight, tomorrow or Saturday, but if I do, the recipe will likely be one of these: Christmas crack (aka saltine toffee candy), peanut blossoms, snowballs, cinnamon coconut cookies, or red velvet crinkles.  Lots of good options there…
  • I know the Boy would give me a hard time for buying more things into the house (how much does any one person need?), but I love these penguin pajama bottoms, and if I had time to scoot out to Old Navy and buy them, I might.  I suppose there’s always tomorrow…
  • I’m waiting for the Boy to get home tonight so that I can propose making these chamomile hot toddys.  That sounds totally yummy, right?
  • We are reading one of my childhood favorite Christmas books with the girls – The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.  It’s a fun one, and likely to be different than most Santa stories you’ve read before.  Much more focused on fairies and immortal creatures, and Santa’s love for the little children.  We are thoroughly enjoying it.  We nearly read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which is the story of neighborhood bullies taking over the small town church Christmas pageant, and what they all learn from each other.  I also love The Christmas Mystery, but it’s a long book, and difficult to catch up on when you don’t have a child to read it to each evening.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m not up on the best Christmas music to listen to, nor do I listen to that much of it.  I tend to stick to a Pandora station I created years ago.  What are you doing or hoping to do to make things extra festive?  I’m most excited for time off to relax and be with those I love.  It’s going to be a good long weekend.  Back tomorrow with a final pre-written post, but that’ll be it until Tuesday!

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