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I love pizza.  Like in the way that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love pizza.  I probably eat it in the same graceful way that they do, which is to say, not at all graceful.  I love pizza so much that I rarely give myself time to let it cool, and will often burn the roof of my mouth as a result.  But pizza is worth it.  Pizza is delicious, and varied, and fun, and…I’m not telling you anything new, am I?

Well, what I love about my new neighborhood is that there’s an awesome pizza place that I am within walking distance of.  I can walk to get awesome pizza that makes me feel better about myself than ordering from Papa John’s, AND they have beer.  Good beer.  Interesting beer.  Beer that changes regularly.  They will do growler fills, though when you bring in a micro growler (no handle, holds 28 oz) they will be confused about what to charge because neither your boyfriend nor the bartender thought to look on the bottom of the bottle which is where the volume of the container is written.  It’s ok.  The beer will still be good.  And you will buy a new full size growler so that there is no confusion in the future (there will be SO MUCH FUTURE BEER!)


So yes – this place is called Del Ray Pizzeria.  And it’s so good and adorable that the president visited, and now there are two pizzas named in his honor because they’re the ones that he took with him.  They are “Supreme Clientele” and “Barack My World”.  Because I’m picky, I haven’t had Supreme Clientele, but the Barack My World is pretty darn tasty.  And speaking of being picky – they have lots of specialty pizzas, and you can’t do substitutions on those, but there are so many awesome ones that you will definitely find something to your liking.  And if for some reason you don’t, you can make your own, which is also awesome.  And if for some reason you don’t like pizza, or more likely if you’re with someone (a child?) who isn’t super into pizza (YET!), there are lots of sandwiches, and Italian-type foods that I’m going to assume are also quite yummy because man…pizza.  Also, there’s a kids menu that is quite forgiving for picky little ones, including the son of my friend H who just wanted buttered noodles.  And they made it happen.  And no one judged us as we sat there slurping them up with him.

Hi Ben!

And that’s kind of the thing – I love to take people there because it’s easy.  The food is good.  The drinks are good.  They’re awesome with kids.  The atmosphere is terrific.  I’m desperate to go to one of their beer dinners (there was one last week that the Boy and I weren’t able to do).  It’s so close too.  So as long as they continue to be awesome and make me feel like I’ve got the best kind of local joint to drop in on…I’m going to.

Details: Del Ray Pizzeria2218 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301; No reservations, but call ahead ((703) 549-2999) to find out if there’s a wait and put your name on the list if necessary.

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