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There are two things that make humans different from other animals (ok, maybe more than two things, but go with me on this), and they are the ability to look at our own actions critically, and actual senses of humor.  And since today I’m talking about my favorite British comedian, perhaps I should change a few spellings (humour, favourite, etc.).  That’s right.  The Boy and I got to see John Oliver when he was at the Kennedy Center last week for a sold out show.  Prepare to be jealous.


So, back in February it was announced that John would be going on a short tour in the fall, and his first stop would be the Kennedy Center.  Since the Boy and I love Last Week Tonight, love to laugh, and I have a slight crush on John (which is ok since my own dear Boy is also British, dark-haired, slim, bespectacled, and with a biting sense of humo(u)r), I knew we had to get tickets.  Through some magic involving my aunt’s Kennedy Center membership, I was able to get in on the members pre-sale the day before they went public, and managed to get some pretty sweet tickets, and would have gotten even closer if there hadn’t been a million people vying for those first few rows.  But no matter.  We were going!  It was sold out!  And then they added another night…and that sold out too!!!  Basically, I nearly wet myself with how excited I was that we would be going to such an anticipated comedy act.


And friends, it did not disappoint.  We started our Kennedy Center evening getting a drink at the bar inside the Concert Hall entrance, and brought our drinks down to the orchestra level where our seats were, only to be scolded (gently) by two ushers that we probably shouldn’t have brought our drinks that far anyways.  Whoops.  But they were very nice, and as long as we sat on the bench with our beverages, the Boy could finish his beer and I my wine.  As the lights flashed to indicate the show starting in 15 minutes, we put our finished containers in the trash and made our way to our seats.  Which were pretty baller if I do say so myself.  They could have been better, but see above about crazy people and their demand for these tickets!


And then the show started.  Guys, it was so funny.  So funny that my face hurt for a few hours afterwards.  So funny that I kept looking over at the Boy as if to say, “Can you believe this?  How lucky are we to be here?”  There were so many things that were terrific but those that stood out were his stories about football (“Every time you use the other word [soccer], a British person dies”) and his obsession and with the Liverpool Football Club, and his own ignominious moments in athletics.  Especially memorable was a story about a style of shorts used in the British school systems in the 80s and early 90s that my boyfriend knew about, and so saw the joke coming about a minute before the rest of the audience.  When I asked him about it later, he said it was definitely a true story, as he’d had similar experiences with the same shorts, and yeah.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

I guess I could go on about his political jokes about how this election is essentially the end of the world, but I won’t.  The more I talk about it here, the more it feels like bragging – “I got to see John Oliver and you didn’t!”  Or you know, maybe you did.  Either way, if you’ve seen him live, or haven’t and just love Last Week Tonight, I can’t recommend him heartily enough.  If the state of my facial muscles afterwards is any indication, the stress and money I expended getting those tickets was well worth it.

Details: John Oliver, with (at least) 4 more stand up dates on the calendar.

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