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Nostalgia // Tell us about your favorite summer memories. As the summer winds down, tell us about your favorite summer memories from this year (or any year). We want to see your freckled faces and tanned skin. Show us your summer.

Summer for me has mostly been about family.  As a child and adult there were family trips, get-togethers, general hang out times that we wouldn’t have normally.  As an adult with a significant other and children of our own and a house to deal with, things have changed slightly.  There’s still lots of family events, but also the general responsibilities that come with that.  So while my summer has been a fun one so far (it’s technically summer for another month), it’s been a mixed bag of family events, friend events, silliness and being a productive adult around the house.  And what’s that old writing adage – show, don’t tell?  And what if I had pictures (which are worth 1000 words) to illustrate my summer?  I think that would be a good way to be nostalgic about things so far.  Let’s break it down into a few different categories.





My life is a constant battle against the weeds around our house.  And because of the tremendous amount of rain we’ve had this summer, they just keep coming back.  I find ones grown to the size of shrubbery that seem to have popped up overnight.  The side garden is just a jungle right now, but it’s too hot during the day to go in and take them out properly.  But I’ve figured out how to keep them from growing between the bricks, and that means pulling the weeds and then spraying that spot vigorously with vinegar, which basically napalms those spots.  Not something I’d recommend in a place where other plants grow, but on a brickwork area…not a terrible idea.

I also installed blackout shades in our bedrooms.  They’ve changed the way that I sleep and keep the bedrooms cooler during the day.  I still need to get some light filtering shades for the hallway in order to keep that space cooler too, but it’s major progress.  I cleaned out the shed, which had been a mess for ages, and now we can store bikes in there because the lock was also fixed.  We’ve hung pictures around the house, had various contractors come in to inspect and repair various things around the house, and it’s all slow and steady progress.







In addition to our trip to England earlier in the summer, I spent a week with my family in the Adirondacks.  It was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve ever been on.  I got annoyed with no one.  I got to eat popsicles, drink beer, I learned to stand-up paddleboard.  Fish were caught, nephew and niece were snuggled incessantly.  Mountains climbed, s’mores eaten, stars gazed at, historic sites seen.  Coming back from that week was one of the more difficult returns after a vacation that I’ve had to make in recent history.

Family and Friends




We had so many potluck parties at our house.  We are becoming those kind of people.  But it’s so much fun to host and easier than you might think.  And when friends bring rainbow watermelon fruit salad to boot…well dang.  I got to dance at the wedding of a dear friend, and it was just beautiful.  I tried not to cry during the ceremony.  And then I tried not to cry again when my brother and his fiancee moved away from me.  That’s right – Ben and Nicole moved away from ME.  Not for a job, or better cost of living or anything.  Trying not to take it personal that it happened on my birthday.  Just kidding – love you guys, and am so happy that YOU’RE happy!  Plus, I did get to spend a week with them (see above in vacations).

General Silliness





I played a lot of Pokemon Go.  I mean, yes, it definitely tapered off towards the end of the summer, but mostly because it’s been so freaking hot out.  I project a resurgence when things start to cool down a bit.  But getting out and seeing my new neighborhood has been terrific (and lovely).  We have tried to take advantage of every moment for laughter.  Whether that’s E playing robots with boxes around the house, or outdoor screenings of movies, and plenty of board games.  It’s these little silly moments that we won’t remember specifically, but will be the building blocks for good feelings and nostalgia through the years to come.

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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    I’m so glad you took that picture of us on the truck!
    It was – and continues to be – so hard to move away from DC and everybody we love there.
    I have to constantly refocus my perspective that this is an ADVENTURE! or else I start to get super homesick.
    It has been all the harder that I’ve been stuck down here myself, with Ben up in McLean. It’s been so hot that I haven’t really had the chance to just wander around my neighborhood and explore (though we did do some good Pokemon hunting this weekend when Ben was down here). And I have been both unable to finish putting our house together since we still lack some necessary furniture, and unwilling to do everything by myself. I wanted this to be a home we created together, after all, and I don’t want to over-impose my own sense of style and organization on the place in Ben’s absence.
    I’m sorry we had to put such a damper on your birthday 🙁 It was a hard day-nay, week-for us, too.

    1. maggie says: Reply

      Oh, it was a damper, but not really too much of one. And don’t beat yourself up about not being set up/exploring your new neighborhood yet. You’ve been there for less than a month, and these things take time. Heck – we’ve been in our place for 4 months and we only hung pictures YESTERDAY. And we’ve still got empty spaces on walls. Plus a list of “to-do, to-replace, and to-buy” a mile long. It’s a process. You’ll be there for a while. Let it all come naturally, and try not to fret. Am sending love and good vibes your way. <3

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