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I’m feeling so lazy today.  A few weeks ago I was with my family on vacation, and it was amazing.  We had people over for a potluck last weekend.  It’s been hot as balls during the day, and the past few nights have been crazy stormy.  I’m feeling productive, but also very much not.  My coworker had her baby, so I’m now the only reference librarian on staff, which just adds an extra feeling of  dread.  I pretty much have no more ability to go take a vacation or a day off until she gets back.  My neck has been sore from either the way I’ve been sleeping, or the humidity.  It happened to me last year too, and I went and had a couple different massages which helped for about an hour after they finished and the neck pain came back.  The pain went away on it’s own eventually, but being in this kind of pain (low-grade, nagging, frustrating) is awful.  Especially when I feel like I should be able to do something about it.

All I’ve been doing lately is dreaming about the future.  Maybe it’s a dream about the weekend and our dinner plans on Friday.  Or our fun plans next week, or the idea that maybe I’ll go get another massage and that will help.  It’s thinking about the future plans for our garden, and general home improvement that will make everything terrific.  It’s dreaming about when I’ll see my niece and nephew again in the fall, and what might be our next domestic trip somewhere later on.  It’s thinking about how many airline miles we have, and could that get us to Asia?

Daydreaming like this is not a good idea.  In fact, it feels like I’m wasting my time.  I probably am.  But it’s August.  I think this is probably expected.  Maybe things will get better when the temperature cools slightly and the kids are back in school.  For now, I’ll try to stop myself from daydreaming, because it’s not going to make the days pass faster.  I can’t be the only one feeling this though – who else is feeling lazy this August?  Having trouble with motivation for right now, and thinking more about the future than they are the present?  How do you motivate yourself during these dog days of summer?

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  1. Nicole Holstein says: Reply

    Quite the opposite, I feel most motivated and productive in Summer. It’s winter when I just want to do nothing (while also hating that feeling and wanting to want to do all the things), and I just want the days to pass so we can get to summer and I’ll feel energetic again.

    But I love dreaming of the future! I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I used to do it constantly; it’s what I thought about going to sleep every night. But when I am feeling stressed or depressed, I stop doing that. That’s when I feel unable to dream because it seems pointless and uninspiring while I am so caught up being miserable now. I enjoy and miss the times when I can daydream and plan and imagine.

    1. maggie says: Reply

      I think normally I could be very productive in the summer, but it’s just SO HOT that I have no motivation. My best times of year for getting shit done are Spring and Fall. And I knit like the dickens during the time that it’s cold, so … yeah. What’s the opposite of hibernating?

  2. Nicole Holstein says: Reply

    Btw, I am in New Employee Orientation and booooreeed so I was happy to see a new blog post in my inbox; I am not a creepy stalker of your posts, promise. 🙂

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