• entertainment
  • TV – Endeavour Season 3 (ITV/PBS)

    I think it’s fairly well established at this point that I enjoy mysteries and I LOVE Oxford, and so when you combine those so brilliantly the way that British television has been doing for decades, you’re bound to produce something that I personally love.  A few years ago, ITV (a British television channel) decided to […]

  • books
  • Book – The Year of Yes

    Guys – there is no possible way to be objective in this book review.  That’s because I love Shonda Rhimes and everything she does.  I started watching Grey’s Anatomy in season 2 (I’ll be honest – I got sucked in by that Super Bowl “bomb in a body cavity” episode, and pretty much stuck around for […]

  • travel
  • Travel – Oxford

    FINALLY!  The stars have aligned and combined my patience with my computer’s slowness (last night involved the back-end of an update that took 20 minutes or more to complete when I turned my computer on), and actually remembering to put the photos someplace I would be able to get to them.  Basically, I’ve been failing […]

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  • App – Clue

    If you’re a dude reading my blog and you’re not interested in hearing about periods, suck it up.  Periods are a part of regular life for women, and whether or not they’re annoying, messy, inconvenient, or squick you out, they are something that 50% of the population deals with (past, present or future tense) for […]

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  • Personal – Nostalgia

    Nostalgia // Tell us about your favorite summer memories. As the summer winds down, tell us about your favorite summer memories from this year (or any year). We want to see your freckled faces and tanned skin. Show us your summer. Summer for me has mostly been about family.  As a child and adult there were family […]